The Best Home Based Business for Single Moms

Let’s say I’ve had it with the day job. My debt is beyond belief. I have no time to spend with my kids or family. I’ve read the Rich Dad Poor Dad books and decided that I no longer want to trade time for money but I have no idea on how to get started in my own home based business or how to become an entrepreneur. What do I do?

Well there are successful home based business plans available to single moms who want to build wealth that are already set up, running and making huge profits. And the beauty is they are looking for other single moms to partner with and are willing to help them develop their business. These businesses help other achieve their goals, so if you’d be the type of person that would be willing to help others achieve their goals too, this could be right for you.

How easy would it be to start one of these? Most of these companies have a very low entry cost, from $30 – $200 and a low monthly participation cost, about $150 – $300 per month that could be earned back within a few weeks or months. Income potential is unlimited. You do have to work at it to get there and they are not get rich quick schemes. But the amount of work that you put in over time compared to the amount of reward possible is so different that this type of business would be considered truly leveraged. Plus, you develop a work plan suited to your own schedule. You get to see your kids during the day if you want.

These types of business take advantage of current trends like distribution, baby boomers, the health care and wellness industry, plus the shift from the industrial age to the information age driven by the internet. This is the perfect storm of entrepreneurship and suited to single moms. Millions of dollars are waiting to be made, now and in the next several years.

Read “The Next Millionaires” by Paul Zane Pilzer or “Rich Dad’s Business School for People Who Like Helping People”. These books are great resources for the kind of business I’m about to tell you about.

What is it? It is direct sales or network marketing. “Oh my gosh,” you say. “I can’t sell anything.” Neither can I but I can learn what it takes to become a millionaire real fast. One of the first things that come to mind when the words network marketing are mentioned is the old model of making a list with all your friends, family, acquaintances, people you see walking down the street, people you don’t even like and everyone that has an occupation that you can think of — then calling them. Yes. This could be though of as scary by most.

And besides scary, it’s not that productive. Where is it written that perfect strangers even care who you are let alone are interested in some whacky business or product you are trying to promote? This is not to say that you can avoid talking to people in network marketing, on the contrary. You want to talk to people and show them how easy it is, but you don’t want to talk it into people. You want people to come to you and ask to be shown.

And how is it that the internet which is connected to literally billions of people isn’t the most awesome tool for finding new people? Tell that to the list makers.

How do you get people to come to you? It’s called attraction marketing and basically you become a desired force or expert in a specific niche and people want to learn from you. At that time they are open minded enough to listen and consider network marketing as a viable business opportunity for them. It takes time, but consider the alternative of working until you are 65 and retiring on half your salary and having your kids live at home with you while they go to community college.

There are over 1,600 network marketing companies around. Some are much better than others. Be careful because some of the companies will hold you hostage for six months with a non-compete clause which means you can’t legally join any other program or they can sue you. Do your research. Talk to people who are active in plans. Pick the best payout and then have the person who signs you up help you to achieve success. They will be happy to help because your success improves their success. You can find the best home based business for single moms with some research and by talking to people. Lots of people are willing to help you.

Lana Hawkins

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  1. Mommy of a girl and boy! says:

    Best way to apply for a government grant for a small business (home based)?
    Long story short…I started naking hair accessories (a passion of mine) and when I went to California on vacation a woman who owns one of the shops on the boardwalk stopped me and asked about the one my daughter was wearing. I told her I made it and showed her pics of some of the others that I had on my phone. Well she wants to sell them in her store. This gave me motivation to make my dream come true and start a little home based business. I am a single mom of two kids and have been told by SO many people to try and apply for a gov. grant. I went to but I frankly just don’t know what I am looking for. Can anyone help me?? 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. akon says:

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    look under the small business menu at right side.

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