Does anyone know of legitimate home based business?

As a matter of fact… I’m a second generation of a home-based business. My mother has been running her home-based business since 1974 and I picked up the knack almost 10 years ago. Neither of us would dream of ever going to get a job working for someone else. The company we work with is in the growing health and wellness industry, and has a 50 year track record of success in direct sales.

Part of the question is "legitimate" so here are all the facts.
1. No hype.
2. Not a get-rich-quick scheme. We don’t own a yacht or live in a mansion, we’re just regular folks living on a decent income.
3. No meetings to attend, special trainings, large investments, etc. In a real business, you’re supposed to make money, not lose it.
4. There is WORK involved, sometimes a lot of it!
5. No stuffing envelopes, reading emails, etc. Nothing fishy.
6. It truely is "work at home". Many days I can do all my work over the phone or internet. Sometimes I have to go see a client. Most of the time I spend at home with my kids.
7. It pays real money. For two generations, we haven’t had to get one of those dreary "day jobs". We pay our house, all our bills and maintain our lifestyle. It’s real business.
8. There are sales involved, so good interpersonal skills come in handy.

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  1. theosharatos says:

    Yes I do but yahoo doesn’t allow us to relay links here or we will get reported. Just know, if they don’t offer a full money back guarantee or give you all the details up front, I would keep looking. From experience, Jennifer
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  2. Philip Robillard says:

    My Power Mall is totally different. It’s FREE. You don’t have to sell anything. There is no qualifying for income. All tools are FREE.Can become extremely lucrative. You really should check this one out. With absolutely NO cost ever–you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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  3. max says:

    start you own small business selling digital products such

    at it only cost $5 to access all the digital products + sales webpages for free.

    hope this helps
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  4. Keith A says:

    Yes, go to where you will find all you need. There is also a link there to where you can sign up to own your on internet retail store for free. You set the selling price and promote. That’s it! you don’t do any of the order taking, shipping, or any of that nonsense. You are provided with the website, products, they do the shipping, take the orders, provide you with the wholesale cost versus the retail cost. You set the selling price yourself and the difference between the selling cost and wholesale cost is yours! You simply sign up, list the selling prices for each item, and promote it to get people to visit the store.

    Again that is
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  5. Jane D says:

    Yes, you can try this business. Its legitimate home based business and have license. Try go this link:
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  6. Jami w says:
    (DSL,Analog Phone,Cell, Broadband and more sales)
    Sell anything from Diapers to Electronics to Travel . Drag and drop items you want to sell into your mall
    You could also check out my website ( still being developed) but look under the jobs section . I’ll be updating that area regularly for my Work at Home moms who patronize my site
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    Me I research this topic for my website