Where is the best place to advertise my home business on the Internet?

I live on a small island and I have recently started a home based business with a company in the US. I have been doing promotions locally but now I need to do some internet marketing. I have a website that I got from the company and would like to get people to see it. I am not familiar with internet advertising but I did try a few free sites and got no hits. I would like to know where is the best place to advertise, whether free or paid, so I can get some hits.

This day and age, I’d say post something on MYSPACE.

can i have my own home based business yet still be employed by a company?

I would like to start my own home based business, but i am already employed, however i am on maternity leave. Can i have a home based business or will it affect my tax codes?

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What do I have to do to start a home based business?

I want to start a home based business where I will have no employees and carry no inventory. I will broker deals between companies. What do I need to do to get it started as far taxes and registrations, etc?

Well I agree with most of the answers already given I can add this…If you just want a work at home business for yourself, most states only require a business lic, resale permit and insurance. You do not have to do alot in the way of paperwork to get started, depends on your state. You should find a good company and a good product that you would enjoy working with. I researched a lot of companies and made some learning mistakes. Be careful of the no inventory, no selling and all that jazz, Unless you are in the market to just recruit people into recruiting more people that isn’t really the way to go to build a "business".
However if that is the way you want to go, check with your local county/city office, most of the time its just a business lic.
Good Luck.

What’s the best home based business opportunity?

What are the best home based business out there so far? What do you think would be a good market?

I am looking to increase my income while I’m home at night.

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any good franchise opportunities our there that do require high wealth to start?

are they any franchise opportunities that are normally successful for hard working people that dont require high wealth to start, i could swing about 10k to start. My degree is in the arts, but would probably go take a few accounting and business classes before starting.

There are actually a lot of industries that give you an incredible opportunity that do not require high wealth to start. Rather it would be successful to you or not is all on you and how you build your own business. Every person is different, every business operation in business is different. I’ve even see a McDonald’s shut down in an area because the business was improperly managed and not bringing enough income to keep it going. Every business has an opportunity to make a sufficient income for the owner. The success depends on the owner and what they do. If your unfamiliar with how to build a business, then I suggest you get involved in an industry that has training programs and earn as you learn that industry and build your own business. Sure you can take business classes before starting if you’d like. But you can also take on the programs that different industries offer for building a business in that industry, and make the money while at it verses taking a general business class that doesn’t focus on a particular industry. Each industry is different on how they’re ran, what you do, and what not to do.
There are thousands of industries that have these types of opportunities. Just take a look around.
As far as 10 thousand, you don’t need that much at all to start a home based business in an industry and run it out of your home. In fact, most home based business cost under $500 to start. You have the same income opportunity as any traditional business around, but without all the over head expenses and the same tax benefits as well.