What do I have to do to start a home based business?

I want to start a home based business where I will have no employees and carry no inventory. I will broker deals between companies. What do I need to do to get it started as far taxes and registrations, etc?

Well I agree with most of the answers already given I can add this…If you just want a work at home business for yourself, most states only require a business lic, resale permit and insurance. You do not have to do alot in the way of paperwork to get started, depends on your state. You should find a good company and a good product that you would enjoy working with. I researched a lot of companies and made some learning mistakes. Be careful of the no inventory, no selling and all that jazz, Unless you are in the market to just recruit people into recruiting more people that isn’t really the way to go to build a "business".
However if that is the way you want to go, check with your local county/city office, most of the time its just a business lic.
Good Luck.

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