Online Home Based Business – Add Extra Income With Little Effort

Apart from earning income from affiliate products or services that you actively promote, there are other ways of earning with your online home based business from your website or blog. You might as well capitalize on every opportunity available.

You can sign up for an affiliate program with Yahoo Publisher, Google Adsense etc. You will earn commission for your online home based business if people click through from your site and buy products. There are many companies who do this but – think about the relevance to your main business.

With companies like Yahoo and Google they will select appropriate ads. With other companies you have to be sure that the businesses advertised fit in with yours in some way.

One way that companies offer an online home based business earning opportunities is by your having their banner advertisements on your site. You have probably seen them. Sometimes they can be very intrusive, but, thoughtfully selected, can be another way for people to click through and for you to gain some commission for your online home based business.

Another way online home based business can be promoted is to use link exchanges. This is where you research other companies with relevant products or services and exchange links that can be clicked. This practice has a two-fold advantage. Your website or blog will have greater visibility in the Internet world, and the more places you are linked to, the more your online home based business will be picked up. Without getting into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is a subject in itself, this method is simple and gets you going.

In order to find links, guess what? There are sites out there which specialize. Three good ones are:

– Commission Junction
– Link Market
– Link Share

Do your research on these sites to see how they work and think laterally about the kinds of businesses that you could benefit your online home based business. Although it is important to get different kinds of links to your online home based business you must also bear in mind that overkill doesn’t work.

You must have visited the sites of some online based home business which have millions of links, ads, banners on their site. What is your reaction? Usually you feel completely overwhelmed and will end up clicking off the site.

So remember, keep it relevant to your online home based business. Choose those that are useful to your visitors because you want them to come back to you. Find the right balance for your online home based business linkages and you can earn useful extra passive income with no further effort.

Trisha Stone

3 Responses to “Online Home Based Business – Add Extra Income With Little Effort”

  1. ownaholic says:

    Making money on the side?
    I’ll ask that nobody floods me with "get rich quick" schemes, or anything of that nature.

    The last few months I’ve spent trying to get some sort of side-income going.
    I’ve tried being a video game tester (impossible without relocating), tried selling custom-designed T-Shirts (I had great designs, a great website, everybody loved them, but never sold a single shirt over 3 months time), thought about making World of Warcraft characters on new accounts and selling them to online companies (illegal by WoW’s rules, and extremely time consuming), and now I’ve thought about trying to sell wholesale items on eBay (the problem is finding those items, without a middleman)

    Right now I’m going to college, I don’t want to replace my part-time job, and I don’t want to make a fortune.

    All I want to do, is find a legitimate way to make some extra money on the side; preferably online.
    Sure, I could sell things laying around the house for some extra money on eBay; but that won’t generate any steady income, and I’ll run out of items far too quickly.

    All the methods I’ve found so far, which are legitimate, always take hours upon hours of time and effort, for very little profit. (Like
    Everything else I’ve found is usually some sort of scam that’s trying to "replace your career and make $10,000 a month!". That’s the sort of thing I DON’T want.
    Or, I’ll find something that sounds wonderful online, but it always comes back to the same catch: "Complete 3 of our premium offers!".

    I want something legitimate, and something that ISN’T a get-rich-quick scheme, and WON’T generate a truckload of money. I want something fair, and something that will generate an accurate amount of money based on how much effort I put into it; something foolproof and doesn’t require a bunch of money to get started.

    I’d love to start my own extremely-small-business online, selling items over eBay, but it’s nearly impossible to come by any products or a good stable system for those products.

    Just when it seems like I’ve found "the right thing", it either doesn’t work, or requires a lot of money.

    Is there ANYTHING out there, anything at all, that I can do on the side in my spare time, to make a few extra bucks online?

    I’d love to be a part of those gold-farming communities for online gaming, but they always require you to relocate, or they don’t have any application status, or it’s illegal based on the said game.

    Is there nothing I can do in my spare time to make a few bucks, from home, or around the area? And I’m not talking a garage sale or a lemonade stand, I want something stable, semi-profitable, and fair.

  2. Matt says:

    babysit, wash cars
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  3. Carlos says:

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