Home Based Business Ideas – What is the Best Business Opportunity?

In today’s troubled economy, more people than ever are looking for home based business ideas. The problem is – how does one sift through all of the scams and other junk that is out there, and find the answer to the million dollar question: What is the best business opportunity?

Well, that’s a complicated question that comes with a complicated answer. The first thing that someone should ask themselves when wanting to start a home based business is, “What do I like to do?” If there is a way to make money doing something that you like, or something that you do on a regular basis anyway – then why not make money while you are doing it? For example, if someone loves to write – they could look for opportunities to work as a ghostwriter. If you have an arts and crafts type of hobby – such as creating bracelets, holiday decorations, or other knick-knacks – then you could look to sell your creations on eBay. I think you get the idea.

Two more important questions a person needs to answer are: “How much money do I want to make?” and “How much time am I prepared to spend on my business?” If you are trying to create a substantial income that will be your primary source of funds, then selling bracelets on eBay might not be the answer. They would need to be some REALLY cool bracelets. Even if the demand was there, the amount of time you would have to spend to make enough bracelets to meet that demand might be too high.

So, what other options are out there? Some of today’s most successful small business entrepreneurs have turned to the world of network marketing. Yes, network marketing! Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosake are both on record as stating that network marketing is the perfect business. Well, if that’s the case – then why do so many people have a negative perception of network marketing? Well, that’s simple. Everyone has an Aunt Sally or Uncle Bill that was burned by some get rich quick “pyramid scheme” and lost thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, experiences some have had with companies like those – have left an undeserved stigma attached to all of the legitimate network marketing companies that exist today.

Network marketing is capitalism in its purest form and it offers a benefit that no other home based business opportunity can. This incredible benefit is so powerful; it will actually allow you to dream again. What is this benefit? It is the amazing ability to do something once and get paid for it over and over again. Yes, I’m talking about RESIDUAL INCOME. Network marketing is one of the very few places that the average person can have access to this type of income.

Okay, so now we are back to one of our earlier questions. How do we know which company to join? How do we know: What Is the Best Business Opportunity? Here again, you need to look at what you enjoy doing or which Home Based Business Ideas coincide with your personality or lifestyle. For example, if you don’t own a cell phone and are technologically impaired, you may not want to join a company that markets phone service and cell phones.

What about the magic juices and berry drinks out there that cure every ailment known to mankind? Well, there are some great people working with those companies making great money. You just need to be able to convince yourself and everyone you know that this magic elixir actually works. It may or may not be for you.

There are networking travel companies and even networking insurance and legal services companies, but these involve expensive certifications that you will cost you considerable money before you make a dime.

There are a ton of nutrition companies out there and many of them are good companies with good products. The only thing is, as I mentioned – there are a ton of them out there! What is going to separate one from the other? My guess is – probably not much.

So, where does that leave us? Well, I have a secret to share with you about a company that is turning the network marketing world on its head. I’m talking about revolutionary concepts that NO other company has ever implemented before. Here is a sample of what I’m talking about:

  • This company assigns actual paying customers (not leads) to qualified reps, from which commissions are earned.
  • This company will acquire new reps (not leads) via infomercial advertising and place them in the downline organizations of qualified reps.

If these “unheard of” benefits sound appealing to you, I have an offer you literally can’t refuse. For the first 100 people that respond, I will grant access to a FREE e-course that will give you my blueprint to success with this cutting-edge company, or any other company.

You’d be crazy not to take advantage of the hundreds of hours that I have spent in becoming one of the top earners with this company. Visit the live link down below in the author’s signature area, and sign up for the Weekly Newsletter/e-Course and find out more about the company that turned out to be the answer to the million dollar question: What Is the Best Business Opportunity?

Brian Murray

One Response to “Home Based Business Ideas – What is the Best Business Opportunity?”

  1. Simon H says:

    What is the best internet based business opportunity you know of?
    I am new to the internet and after having tried a few HYIP schemes and lost money I am looking for recomended ligitimate home-based internet business to join up with to earn some good money from and hopefully be financially free in future?

    A top 10 list of opportunities would be nice but any ideas would be appreciated.

    Simon H