Simple Internet Based Home Business Ideas

Are you thinking about starting an internet home business? Then you must calculate the pros and cons seriously. If there is no calculation, the percentage of failure will increase.

There are too many opportunities available in the internet home business. I am talking here basic examples of them. These businesses are doing millions and earning a good income.

1) Online Retailer: You can be an online retailer of fast selling products. Think about the products. You can resell ebooks, programs, scripts etc. Go to or any other online digital product wholesale websites. Find the products with high commissions and demand to promote, describe them in your website. Anyone going through your link to buy your product, you get the commission. Some publishers are paying higher than 60% amount as commission.

2) Start a Review website: You can easily start a review website and refer people to buy them. How this can be done? Find products with good demand. Write a review about them. Give your affiliate link to people who are interested in knowing more about the product. If they buy this product, you get a handsome commission.

3) Make money from Auction websites: Do you have old or unused things in the garage collecting dust? You can make money with them. List your item in these sites. There will be a small fee for listing and closing the item. Site like receives some 5 million visitors per day. You get free traffic and you don’t need expensive e-commerce software’s to run your business.

4) Sell your Information: You can easily write an ebook and sell it on the internet. Think about a subject that you have known and you are enjoying. There are thousands of things around us. Write about them. PDF format is popular for ebooks. You can make pdf files with free pdf makers.

5) Earn with Adsense: You can start a website and earn money with Google Adsense. Adsense is a pay per click program by Google. If you have a website, you can sign up with Adsense. After the signup, you get a Javascript code to paste on your sites pages. Google delivers relevent advertisements with your page content. If a visitor clicks in these advertisements you get a commission.

6) Membership Sites: If you have knowledge in any subject, you can start a membership site. People with similiar intersts join these sites. You can make money with selling 3-6-12 month membership duration.

7) Make money with Blogs: Start a Blog. Blog is simple a online diary. You dont need your website for starting a Blog. Sites like allows users to create free Blogs. You can Blog anything that you are intersted. By placing advertisements, selling advertisement spaces can make money from Blog.

8) Freelance websites: There are many freelance websites on the Internet. People from around the world can hire a freelancer through these websites. Some of the freelance work includes; data entry, programming, copy writing etc. You can search freelance work with these sites.

These are basic home based internet business opportunities. You can find literally thousands of ideas in internet. You only need commitment and passion to win the game.


2 Responses to “Simple Internet Based Home Business Ideas”

  1. Fran says:

    Promotion, Marketing & Socializing is a big part of a musicians success but what about fans with no internet?

    I would like to make a brief introduction about myself. I am the lead singer/vocalist in a rock/pop band, The Embezzles, (name have been changed quite a few times within the past few months)and we’re very similar to Paramore and Linkin Park. We’re sort of a big deal in East Texas with an increasing fan base which continues to grow expendably great but we have a big problem communicating and contacting fans. We’ve tried everything from Post Office boxes, Private Mailboxes and social networking sties. Unfortunately, the Postal Services are on shaky ground. Postal Services have rules and regulations to combat mail fraud and other crimes committed using postal and private mailboxes which sounds convincing but the postal services are on the wrong side here.

    Rather than protecting privacy they are seeking to invade it and rather than allowing some consumer choice they are looking to stifle what little competition exists. Unfortunately, scam artists also utilize the convenience of private mailboxes to hide illegal activities, such as credit card fraud, identity theft and schemes to swindle the elderly. In other words or simple terms, P.O. boxes and Private Mailboxes are growing concerns of the postal services used in order to single out P.O. boxes and PMB(private mailboxes) who have personal accounts instead of business accounts.

    We would like to have an address rather than using one of our own physical home address because you guys are aware of fans(groupies) can be a bit psychotic at times when bands are in the limelight destined for stardom. Instead of selling merchandise, passing out flyers, etc. from our tour van/hotel (lol) J, we decided that we want to be able to reach fans outside of our 100 mile radius giving fans the opportunity to write personal letters to one our band members, pics or whatever the fans want to give their favorite band (The Embezzles ) <<<<<promotion tactic>>>>>,in order to converse on numerous occasions, but we do not want to give the government or postal office or any carrier service speculations or any misleading ideas that we are subjecting to a scheme to earn money or somehow get personal information from individuals. All we want is to build a connection with our fans in order to solidify our relationships to remind them of upcoming tour dates, nearby performances, or any updates we might have in order to refresh the memories of our fans.

    We were recommended on some international mail forwarding service sites but getting an international P.O. or Private box seems a little suspect, wouldn’t you agree? Although they offer great services they only require your personal information….sometimes to much information. I have scavenged many postal services sites and some websites seem a bit puzzling. Even though they have U.S. Postal Forms and identification requirements they false advertise and some sites even have numerous complaints from previous customers. If I were to come across one of these misleading websites how would I be able to recognize a true and faithful postal or forwarding service from any other website posing as a legit mail forwarding service? Are there any services that allows you to apply online if so this would be my first option to cut out the hassle and run around the postal services have been giving us.

    Thanks for your all your time and help.

  2. Fonzie T says:

    Starting to look like spam, but all I can say is- I had a friend who was in a band back in the mid-late 80s. This was Before the internet & they managed to get fan mail from Japan.

    So if some no name band could do it back *then*……
    References :