What is the best, ethical, and most legitimate home-based business available today?

Not interested in get-rich quick schemes, but real viable opportunities one can do to achieve a home-based revenue stream.

credit repair.

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  1. Jewel says:

    I have been selling things on Ebay since Feb and average 3 -4 hundred a month for only about an hour work per day. see What goes on there, and then bargin hunt in your area, close outs, liquadation, auctions, estate sales, etc.
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  2. brokerstorage says:

    credit repair.
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  3. allen l says:

    This site has some Nice High Business Opportunities:
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  4. Tricia H says:

    I believe direct sales is hands down the best option out there, especially with the right company! I have been a consultant with Southern Living at HOME for almost 4 years. We sell home decor, pottery and entertaining pieces that fit in any style home. There is a very small start up cost and you immediately start earning income. You work as much or as little as you want — there are no monthly minimums. Just doing 4 parties a month you can earn on average $500. It’s ethical, fun and easy! The products sell themselves and it’s a great for mom’s like me because you determine when you want to do the parties.
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  5. Cathy C says:

    Direct sales, billion dollar industry, no sales or recruitment quotas, buy at wholesale & set your own re-sale prices, product found in nearly 90% of all homes.
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  6. Dee N says:

    I recently found a great company. Have been searching for a home based business for years. (spent a ton of money doing it, too.) Not a get rich scheme, but pretty easy and a lot of fun. I still work full time, but eventually I plan to do THIS full time and work for myself. Soy/vegetable products that really sell themselves.
    Check out my website and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!!
    Good luck!
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  7. jjandelizabeth says:

    I work from home as a Benefits Specialist. I looked for work at home for 3 years before finding this company, and I believe its one of the best ones out there. They currently have about 70,000 people working from home. They also have almost 2 million members on their benefits plan. They allow people to work from home full or part time. They offer 401(k) and direct deposit. Plus you get the benefits for your whole household. On average your first year you can expect to make $18,000-$22,000, your second year $40,000-$60,000 and your third year, on average is $80,000-$100,000.
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  8. David W says:

    Fun Unlimited
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  9. greg m says: its the best ive found a good friend of mine is making over a 700 a week and the company is only 2 months old im averaging 150-200 a week but i have a 60 hr job also. good luck to you
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  10. melissa b says:

    Direct sales. These are my two companies and I just LOVE them. Check them out, browse around and join if you like what you see.
    Just so you know it is currently FREE to join Mineral Girlz and only a one time fee (not monthly like some direct sales companies) of $10 to join Down The Trodden Path. There are no kit requirements or crazy monthly minimums with either company. All of this adds up to little or no risk to try them out!
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  11. blue4vegas says:

    Direct sales seems to be the most popular! I know someone involved in one and she is doing very well. Consumable Scented products that you use in your home….can’t advertise the name online. Contact me and I can send the contact info.
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  12. GR says:

    Freelance copywriting, Forex market investing, building websites with Adsense income on them, affiliate marketing via pay-per-click advertising, and MLM.

    Hope this helps.
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  13. dare2dream says:

    Look for a business that is based around trends. A "legitamate" home based business has 4 qualities:
    1) Turn-key marketing system
    2) Support and Training system
    3) Product that ALL people want
    4) Compensation plan that actually pays.

    Check out my website, I have been working my business part-time for about 3 months and already made over $8000. This isn’t an MLM or Network Marketing either, the money that you make, you keep. The company has a standard for the people they look for and you should have a standard for the company you work with. Check out the website, see for yourself.
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  14. k24mart says:

    You always have to remember that you have to spend money going into a business thats what a business is its about taking risks. If its "free" its called a job. If you want to help people usana health and sciences would be the way to go…we are one of the top small business in the united states according to Forbes magazine (i left the website below).Our products are changing people’s lives and this is why tens of thousand people re-order each month.

    This may not be something the you are looking for, but we are looking for individuals interested in helping others live a healthier life and make some money doing it.

    If you want more info check out the other website below and if you want direct info from me go ahead and email me.
    We can get you started right away but you will need my help so email me.

    im 20 and have only been in it 4 months i had my doubts the first couple of months but now i am making about 600 dollars a week i plan on hitting my 1000 dollar goal in about 3 to 4 months! how ever hard you work is how fast your are going to see your money…we get paid weekly…i have school to pay for so you can imagine i worked extremely hard to get where i am today!
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  15. nuwavegrp says:

    Here are my suggestions on finding a legitimate opportunity that’s right for YOU:

    – Set your financial goals — Are you just looking for extra income or a potential full-time income? How long (and hard) are you willing to work to meet your goal?

    – Determine if you are looking for a JOB or a BUSINESS — there is a distinct difference between the two and you want to focus your energies appropriately for the best results.

    – If looking for a JOB, what are your marketable skills and previous experiences? If you are looking for a BUSINESS, go with your passions, things that interest and motivate you the most. Build a list and use that to begin your search. General rule of thumb: Never pay for a job (businesses, on the other hand, usually involve some expenses).

    – Review your budget — know ahead of time what you are willing and able to invest into your business, including start-up costs and ongoing maintenance and promotion.

    – Find a rep to contact, check out their websites, ask questions, do your own independent research.

    – I personally also check out a company’s status and consumer feedback on and

    Hope this info helps get you started. Best wishes!
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  16. surveyda s says:

    If you are thinking that it is time to create some extra income from the internet, congratulations<!–There are literally hundreds of ways to do just that. So what are the ways of making money online ?

    So many online jobs are out there. In fact, to do any online job, you need not want to invest anything. Make sure, you dont pay anything to get jobs online. It is just that need to pick the one that suits you the best. I hope this helps you and–>I believe you will find the online job that you love the most. Thanks.
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