Today’s Mortgage Rates: Which home loan is best?

Texas Mortgage Info: How your mortgage person structures your loan is more important than the getting a low rate.

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  4. RHFLuzzi says:

    Ampedee, I’m a …
    Ampedee, I’m a mortgage broker and banker. I used to work for one of the largest banks in the country and to be honest our fees and costs were so much higher than brokers. Large banks spend money on advertising and pay salaries.

  5. 2fuck2shit2 says:

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    What is the Key disfavors by Having Your Mortgage

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  6. ampedee says:

    hoyl this guy …
    hoyl this guy is a good sales man, but being in the mortgage industry my sell i see right through alot of his bulshit. GETTING YOUR LOAN THROUGH A BROKER MEANS UR GOING TO PAY MORE IN FEES, BECAUSE THAT LOANS GOING TO JUST END UP AT ONE OF THE BIGGER BANKS IN THE LONG RUN ANWAYS…..