Business Opportunities in Event Videography

Opportunities are growing in Event Videography. Learn how to plan for success. We also have an essential tip sheet for videographers here. Which is free if you sign up for enews here

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10 Responses to “Business Opportunities in Event Videography”

  1. schoentje1997 says:

    the guy at 6:21 …
    the guy at 6:21 looks like Georg Lucas! lol

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  3. TerritoryTV says:

    Yes, that’s Lucas!
    Yes, that’s Lucas!

  4. Thundering24 says:

    AH, thanks for the …
    AH, thanks for the answer.

  5. anubisx00 says:

    From most of their …
    From most of their previous videos and this one, it looks like Adobe Premiere.

  6. Thundering24 says:

    I was actually …
    I was actually referring to the software they are using right now for here on youtube. Thanks.

  7. orionz51 says:

    i use Sony Vegas.
    i use Sony Vegas.

  8. Banzchan says:

    @ 6:21 George Lucas?
    @ 6:21 George Lucas?

  9. Hollstroms says:

    Are you talking …
    Are you talking about what they use? Or what the special jobs use.

  10. Thundering24 says:

    What softwares do …
    What softwares do you all typically use?