Obama – Spread the Wealth Around Joe the plumber

Spread the Wealth Around Joe the plumber original video


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Duration : 0:2:37

22 Responses to “Obama – Spread the Wealth Around Joe the plumber”

  1. thordoggie says:

    ignorance is …
    ignorance is dangerous….the public school system proves that…my 11 yr old is taught mao, stalin and che were “freedom fighters”…

    yea obama is a freedom fighter too… follow his policies for 10 or 20 yrs, ,and you’ll be successful if you own a 40 yr old chevy v8 that runs on 5 cylinders, just like cuba!

    hey…how many of you are so proud… so determined to find “equality” that you are building rickety rafts to escape to cuba?

  2. thordoggie says:

    obama, you have a …
    obama, you have a twisted confused mind…or you are sly as a fox and are determined to destroy capitalism.


    we don’t need you.

    get your radio shack bullhorn out of storage and go back to the sidewalks of chicago. you are a disgrace and embarrassment to the greatness of america.

  3. thordoggie says:

    curious does …
    curious does obama believe some individual invented the car, airplane, typewriter etc…and needed employees to produce those products?

    or, does he believe thousands of “employees” decided they wanted to produce those products that weren’t invented yet?

    does he think unskilled, ill- educated, under-employed workers invented and created industry?

    “give back the wealth to those that have had it stolen from them?”

    those people owe “big businuss” their existence.

  4. AussieFan94 says:

    Congragulations …
    Congragulations America you just voted in the most socialist most egomaniacle President what are you going to do now. WE”RE GOING TO LIVE IN A NIGHTMARE FOR 4 YEARS!!! YAY

  5. xXAngelicDJXx says:

    i would respond to …
    i would respond to you, but for some reason, all of my hard facts that i have are magically getting removed by the author as SOON as their posted. not even a seconds worth of delay… awkward

  6. xXAngelicDJXx says:

    Ok, well how about …
    Ok, well how about me? yeah, you do have a lot of strong parts in your debate, but this presidency is just as corrupt as bush’s “reign”. yeah, he did get discovered both times. but with obama, unless you havent heard; defended black panther activists using force to “rig” an election. obama, has his own secret agenda that co-insides with the ex-bush administration. first one started with the 9/11 set-up. and unless your an idiot, you can tell it was staged. with that they staged a “war on terror”

  7. abelotano71 says:

    Obama, must go.
    Obama, must go.

  8. viewme10 says:

    need to save it for …
    need to save it for another presidency. Maybe then, on account of your ignorance and dissonance with the past, would have repeated your mistakes so badly that some of the things the first CZAR put into place would have repeated itself to where you won’t look so slow in complaining. I really hope your esoteric lies benefit you in the future because right now: YOU LOOK, SOUND, & BEHAVE like whining children who have been punished and can’t have their pacifiers of IGNORANCE & have to WAKE UP

  9. viewme10 says:

    talk about RADICAL? …
    talk about RADICAL? What’s more Radical than LYING to the American Public AT LARGE to wage a misguided, altruistic, ulterior motivated war that had so many conspiracies associated with it a special team had to be constructed by the government to debunk them? What’s more RADICAL than a Presidential candidate winning two consecutive elections with voting irregularities being discovered both TIMES? Like I said you guys are RETARDED (SLOW) to speak on your cockamamie talking points now. You just

  10. viewme10 says:

    uhhh Please, please …
    uhhh Please, please. You’re so indoctrinated when you guys only have keynote talking points that you hear regurgitated by Boxed News. The whole Acorn thing is a cat that’s been dragged out of the hat and beat to death! You don’t know the definitions of socialist and communist because they are polar opposites and they died out in theory like Marxism which is another common social theory just thrown into the mix, I mean 12 credits at any university would have told you that much. & you want to

  11. NCMan28025 says:

    Bush just started …
    Bush just started the trend of big spending. Obama came in and quadrupled it. Not to mention the bailouts Obama has given to those that got him elected: Big Banks, Wall Street and the Unions (UAW, ACORN, SEIU).

    Everything you mentioned in your last rant is still being done under Obama. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid. I love how liberals turn to Bush/Cheney and Halibruton. Here’s somethign for you.
    Obama + radicals + socialsit + statist + communist + ACORN + SEIU + Apollo Alliance + Tides 🙂

  12. DavidBenAriel12 says:

    The president …
    The president usurper, the African Emperor Obama, must go.

  13. Avatarblackwolf says:

    Nope, thanks …
    Nope, thanks anyway.I wonder if my Obamabucks will be here today & I will be rich.

  14. viewme10 says:

    “did you get your …
    “did you get your yet”? HAHA Stop it, this is too easy, you can’t even compose an intelligeble sentence. You’re the moron child. Please don’t make me expose you any more, I mean you’re nearly illiterate. Stop it

  15. Avatarblackwolf says:

    As soon as you stop …
    As soon as you stop being a moron.

  16. viewme10 says:

    Stop proving that …
    Stop proving that you’re a moron

  17. Avatarblackwolf says:

    Im still waiting …
    Im still waiting for my Obamabucks….did you get your yet? Or are you still living in the past?

  18. viewme10 says:

    have asked where …
    have asked where your money was 8 years ago when the triad of the modern day crusades, Haliburton, Bush, & Cheney decided to take America valiantly along their modern day interpretation of the Holy War! Where were you then? Finally why weren’t you asking about your money when BUSH began BAILING OUT SHITTYBANK, SCANK OF AMERICA, & MERRILY LYNCHED? Your response is a little retarded (by that I mean slow).

  19. viewme10 says:

    Ha! You’re a day …
    Ha! You’re a day late and several Trillion $’s short, & your asking the wrong guy. I can’t even waste my time in these discussions if you actually believe the destruction of America’s financial system, and the expansion of government is coming out of the current President who’s been in office for 9 months. If you are serious then, like I said I don’t have time… You should’ve asked for your money 8 years ago when it was being codified to go upwards toward the wealthiest Americans. You should-

  20. Avatarblackwolf says:

    Tell Nobama I want …
    Tell Nobama I want my money.

  21. DarthCybie says:

    You do know that …
    You do know that Bush is nolonger president…..right?

  22. viewme10 says:

    No Bush didn’t talk …
    No Bush didn’t talk about spreading Wealth he enacted a tax code that increased the wealth of the wealthy by funneling the lay person’s $’s upward. Don’t be a moron & act like you’re outraged by Obama’s policies when you weren’t on blog spots or YouTube displaying the same hatred for Bush’s incompetence that has us hurling towards the brink of global insolvency. Bush is relevant in this conversation because HE IS THE CAUSE Fox “news” only “report” on symptoms which is why YOU remain ignorant