What is the best home based business at this time?

Hey how is it going? You want to learn about the best home based business. You need to listen to this. 1-212-461-2615. It’s a 5 minute overview of my company. Listen to the whole thing, then e mail me your name and phone number so I can call you with more info and give you some websites to check out.

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  1. Derik T says:

    Hey how is it going? You want to learn about the best home based business. You need to listen to this. 1-212-461-2615. It’s a 5 minute overview of my company. Listen to the whole thing, then e mail me your name and phone number so I can call you with more info and give you some websites to check out.
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    I am being mentored by a Multi-Millionaire who has created 8 other Millionaires. His goal is 500 within the next 5-8 years. Let’s make this money.

  2. auntie_em84 says:

    That would be a two fold answer for me. Since the baby boomers are starting to retire, they are focusing on three things: health and wellness, travel and money. Now, travel is already a 7Trillion dollar a year industry and that is set to double by the end of the decade because of the baby boomers. In fact travel is the largest industry in the world! 1.Of all online spending, 43% is travel.
    Of course aren’t we all getting more health conscious and don’t we all want to be healthy? 2.Well the same goes for that industry there are so many boomers that are going to be focusing on that now too. So, if you can have either of those industries and make money at them then you are set! So the best home based businesses are #1 TRAVEL and #2 health and wellness.
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  3. elrod_1999 says:

    The Best Home Based Business is working with me!!!! We are a 15 year old million dollar company that has a great residual income opportunity and low start up cost. Call me today at 865-291-8907 or 1-800-961-6910. I can get you started right away. You could have $200-$500 extra in your pocket by the end of next week. No lie!!!!
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  4. lesalilsexy says:

    I’m with Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, a 21 year-old, Inc. 500 Company. They manufacture exceptional wellness, health, and consumable products at exceptional prices. These are products in which you can delight in discovering, trust in using, and take pride in sharing. Nobody ever sells anything. They operate like a catalog company. The investment to start your own business is only $29, and you don’t have to sell, stock or deliver products. There’s no risk; all their products are guaranteed. There is also a money back guarantee. People all over the country are making $500, $1000, $2000, 5, 10, even $20,000 or more per month. It would take me about 20-30 minutes to explain to you how it works. This is actually a real oppurtunity witha real company backed by the BBB, if your interested visit
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  5. Todd T says:

    The best business available is the one that starts with a look at yourself first.

    There are lots of tremendous opportunities available. And there are others that aren’t quite as outstanding. And there are some illegal scams being marketed, too. That’s reality.

    First, think about what you are passionate about and what you enjoy. Is there a business model that fills that need? You will be much more successful if you meld your passion with your business.

    Then, and this is crucial, analyze any business using these four "non-negotiables":

    1. Who will mentor me? Make sure that you have a proven mentor to guide you. You are under no obligation to sign up with anyone and if you find an opportunity that is a good fit for you, interview potential sponsors. Find one that is already successful and ask the tough questions about what they are going to do for you, what their track record of success is, and what specific tools they will provide you with to help you succeed.

    2. How old is the company? Under 10% of online or home based businesses make it through the first year. The last thing you want to do is work hard towards your dreams and have the company disappear. It happens daily. A good benchmark is 5 years of proven success. Ask for third-party verification (business journals that have written about them, etc.)

    3. What type of pay plan? There are dozens of pay plans available and the vast majority of them are designed so that a few people at the top make all the money and no one else does. If you’re not sure how to judge a pay plan, find someone skilled and have them give you an honest opinion.

    4. Is it a real consumable product? Can you hold it in your hands, drink it, eat it, burn it, or use it in your car. If not, then you are never going to generate true residual income. You’ll just be looking for new customers every month. The key to long term income is residual use of a real product so you get paid month after month.

    I am an experienced business coach with decades of successful business building and would certainly be happy to provide you with any other information you need. No, I’m not going to pitch you an opportunity or try to get you to sign up for anything. My business is built on helping others succeed.

    Feel free to contact me by email.

    SuccessPro Lifestyle Coaching
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  6. Mary K says:

    The best home based business is in the health and nutritional business. They are consumable products that create a residual income. If we do not have health we do not have anything and people are becoming more health conscious.
    I belong to a 23 year old company that has won numerous awards in the MLM field. The products are sold in 14 countries all over the world.
    Low startup, company training, 3 ways to make money plus bonuses.
    How could you fail with a company who’s corporate mission is to "Impact World Health"
    Check it out and improve your health and your wealth.
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  7. James M says:

    Announcing The Official Secret Affiliate Program!

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    Imagine having Oprah, Larry King, Time, Newsweek,
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    If you want to find out more you can email me.
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  8. Tina S says:

    BeautiControl is the leading company for a home based business. We will will be in the May issue of O Magazine as being at the top.
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    Go to my website.

  9. gatorgirl says:

    Good question, but everyone on here will say theirs is because they want to recruit you. There are a few areas you should look at: the product, the timing, the need for the product in the market place. There are actualy 5, but my mind has drawn a blank. Anyway, look for something you believe in, that is hwo you will be successful. If you want to look at an option, I can show you one.
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  10. Geri B says:

    Jewels by Park Lane is an AMAZING 52 year old home-based opportunity focused on selling High Fashion Jewelry through in home demonstrations. Jewels by Park Lane offers our customers an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE and Fashion Directors the OPPORTUNITY to Make Dreams Come True!

    If you have ever considered doing something alongside your family or current obligations to earn additional income, whether paying down debt, saving for college or vacations, you need to give Jewels by Park Lane a try! It is time to stop living in fear! Stop fearing your debt, planning for the future or answering the phone because a debt collector is calling! I am offering YOU the OPPORTUNITY to try Jewels by Park Lane for just $33 and a nice party! You will earn a sample kit worth $1,000 and more from your hostess benefits. Yes, I am making this RISK FREE FOR YOU! I do this several ways!

    FIRST: Try Jewels by Park Lane for 3 months and if by the end of 3 months, you feel this opportunity isn’t for you – I WILL BUY BACK YOUR KIT! Your kit is just $33 and a nice party and you get $1000 of the HOTTEST JEWELRY in addition to all the supplies you need to get started!

    SECOND: Let me help you hit the ground running and when you hold 5 shows with $1500 in sales (Our National Show Average is $800) in your first 5 weeks from your starter show – I will REIMBURSE YOUR $33 KIT COST!

    As a member of my team you will be joining a team with a proven track record with unparalleled support and training. You have the option to participate in an upcoming team tele-training several times a month as well as personal support from myself. Enjoy ongoing company training and support as well as FANTATSIC motivational incentives both company sponsored and sponsored by me!

    Jewels by Park Lane is my FULL TIME CAREER – you are not signing with a part time or hobbyist. YOU ARE GETTING 100% support! STOP FEARING THE UNKNOWN and START LIVING THE DREAM!

    Contact me for more information on becoming part of our Jewels by Park Lane family! Thereis no obligation to request information! If you need facts and have questions – I have answers for you!

    I can’t wait to hear from you!

    Geri Berger


    Jewels by Park Lane connects women & men to their DREAMS…from obtaining BEAUTIFUL jewelry to empowering their financial futures!

    If you’re looking for a flexible job to work around your family, or even another full time career, join us at Jewels by Park Lane!

    Jewels by Park Lane is the leading direct sales fashion jewelry company and has been feautured on the A & E Network program "the Best of…" and was featured at the Academy Awards in Holloywood California as "the guilt-free diamond".

    Jewels by Park Lane Shows are SO much FUN. Maybe you’re wondering what it’s really like to have a job that involves going to parties, making new friends, and making profit on every sale?!! You owe it to yourself to find out more about the opportunity to become an Independent Jewels by Park Lane Fashion Director! Whether you are just looking for a way to get out a night or two a week and earn a little extra income, or want to pursue the most fun, flexible, and rewarding career imaginable, contact me and I can help you determine if Jewels by Park Lane is right for you!

    We are expanding RAPIDLY and want YOU to join us!
    Our company offers:

    1) FUN!

    2) Flexible hours – only work when you want to work!

    3) UNLIMITED growth potential!

    4) Complete training and support provided!

    5) Terrific profit potential – 30 to 50% of your sales in WEEKLY paychecks. An average Fashion Director makes $225 profit per show!

    6) Fantastic personal product discounts!

    7) No deliveries or returns…all handled through the company!

    8) An AMAZING Customer Save Plan. Purchase $30 of jewelry get a 2nd item for just $12, and more bonuses for larger orders too!

    9) THE most generous Hostess Plan in the jewelry direct sales industry, which makes booking parties EASY! You get $20 of Free Jewelry for each order you collect on your party.

    10) An UNCONDITIONAL Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on our jewelry through the company!

    11) Only $33 and your first party will get you started and our kit includes over $1000 of our most popular pieces and all the supplies you need for your first few shows! BUT… ask me how you can get started for FREE!

    12) Ongoing training programs – 2 company trips (all expenses paid when earned) and 2 conventions per year.

    13) No monthly quotas or inventory to buy!

    14) Amazing Incentives – cash bonuses, FREE family vacations, FREE jewelry, car incentive and designer outfits & awards!

    15) Direct appointed management positions based on previous experience

    Getting Started…
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    Set your goals…
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    How many hours do you want to work?

    Contact me now for more information! You can EASILY be making a steady monthly income in just a few months. What have you got to lose??!! Don’t wonder “What if?” – Make it happen today!!

    Every Day is a Park Lane Day!
    The Jewelry you Love, at the PRICES you can Afford!!
    Join My Team Today!
    Over $1000 in Jewelry for FREE!
    You CAN Live the Park Lane DREAM!!
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    If You Can Wear It, You Can Sell It!
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    I am a Sr. Division Manager for Park Lane

  11. amadeus says:

    There are a number of home based businesses that have high demand. First, though, think about what interests you and look for niche businesses in your area.

    In the meantime, here are a few home based businesses with high demand:

    1) Office to go. You provide business services to other home based and small businesses. These include telephone answering, mail services, marketing, and bookkeeping.

    2) Pets. Pet products and services are popular. Pet sitting is in great demand. You would hire the pet sitters to work for you.

    3) Weight Loss. This is a tremendous field. There are many products you could sell. This area is red hot right now and will continue to be for years to come.

    Good luck.

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  12. Drew says:

    Prepaid Legal is the best. I’ve tried others and this is one of the only ones with a legitimate product. The others just make you recruit over & over, until the company goes out of business, because no real product existed in the first place.

    I work it full time from home and so does 4 of my friends. We get paid DAILY and have a lead system in which people contact us, so we don’t have to beg others or make cold calls.

    Another plus of the company is that we have real benefits. We are also on the New York Stock Exchange (Ahead of Microsoft & Best Buy) Prepaid Legal has been around for over 35 YEARS, while these other companies usually go out of business in less than 5. my website:

    I can tell you much more, just go to my website and see for yourself. If you join my team, I’ll pay you your money back if you don’t make it back in a week
    call my home office 614-602-4584 if you have questionss after visiting my website.
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  13. Steve D says:

    Here is one that is not MLM or anything.
    The only way to make money is buy a desirable product the public needs at a low price and sell it for a profit.
    My aunt had to retire and is on dialysis and could not work. She buys Micro-Fiber Towels from w w w EazeeClean com and sells and has returning customers b/c everyone loves these micro-fiber towels.
    I am not sure how this web-site can sell them so inexpensively, but she makes pretty good.
    Here is what she does-
    Your target customers would be Home cleaners, Janitors, Churches wanting to do fundraisers, Car detail shops.
    You could give away samples and then those customers end up buying over and over again..

    She Buys them in Bulk and resell for $5 or $6 ea
    Or sells in packages of 2 per package and sell for $10…
    (You can sell more for less effort this way.)

    She created a free web-site at Yahoo to promote.
    She got Free business cards on Vistaprint

    You can buy as little as 5 cloths to try it out…very low start-up just to see if you will enjoy it. If not, use the 5 for yourself…they work great.

    I hope this helps and good luck !…

    you can get these by going to the web typing
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  14. WFH says:

    If you like to work from home, check out these two sites below. You will find some great online job opportunities, money making ideas and free resources to help you get started.
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