“MLM training” Home Party HORROR…..
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“MLM training” – Home Party HORROR…

If you’re looking for “MLM Training”
Here’s some success tips on how to have a successful home party Demonstration

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21 Responses to ““MLM training” Home Party HORROR…..”

  1. LetsJustGoTour says:

    Awesome Cassie… …
    Awesome Cassie…love it! So feel yah & totally can relate. Totally agree with the alcohol. (Love the breathing in the bag scene…hilarious)

  2. milliomoselme says:

    LOL 😀
    Very good!! …

    LOL 😀
    Very good!!!!

  3. cassiestrom says:

    @shayleegregg No …
    @shayleegregg No problem…. Don’t forget the Booze!!! 😉

  4. shayleegregg says:

    Haha! I totally …
    Haha! I totally feel uncomfortable with home parties too! Thanks for the great tips!! Can’t wait to start using them!


  5. davidaorourke says:

    very nice video …
    very nice video Cassie, great job.

  6. citycertified says:

    Love your humor. …
    Love your humor. Great videos 🙂

  7. MLMProMentor says:

    Good stuff Cassie
    Good stuff Cassie

  8. etlap1 says:

    Hey Cassie,
    YOU …

    Hey Cassie,
    YOU Rock. You have the vid arena captured and you always have your game on. Keep teaching this way and your following will only increase for a long time.

    Keep up the great vids and I will definitely keep coming back for more.

    To Your Continued Success.

  9. JeffAMitchell says:

    I have never tried …
    I have never tried the “home party” for that reason right there. It was always to me a sleezy way to push the biz on friends and family. The breathing in the paper bag was a great way to show what most people go through in this industry. Great Video
    -Jeff Mitchell

  10. TheHomeBizExecutive says:

    I have done a few …
    I have done a few home parties myself Cassie and alcohol does help.

    But like you, I prefer the online way.


  11. manna1960 says:

    I am so right there …
    I am so right there with you…. I was not really nervous they were just not very fulfilling.
    Great video,
    Kathy Sammons

  12. InternetAutoWealth says:

    Great pointers. …
    Great pointers. Funny!

  13. SuccessfulLe says:

    Cassie you freaking …
    Cassie you freaking crack me up time and time again! Seriously love your creativity! 😉

  14. internetbizmentor says:


    Watching …

    Watching you on video makes me think that you did JUST fine with your home parties. A little wine? HA Love it!

    ~ Linus

  15. MLMTotalProfitSystem says:

    Love the brown bag …
    Love the brown bag 😉

  16. MsLindaEaves says:

    Would much prefer …
    Would much prefer having a root canal to doing a home party. Good point on sharing just what you are passionate about. I seemed to be attracted to sponsors who knew all the facts and I thought I had to present the product the same way they did. Lots of detail…but not so! I almost want to try the home party thing again. Wait. No – I don’t really. 😛

  17. eeiddie says:

    Great points for …
    Great points for the newbie starting out in Network Marketing and wanting to do a home party. Make it a great day!
    God Bless!

  18. WileyLive says:

    Another great video …
    Another great video Cassie. Keep rockin out the great value, and entertainment….

  19. kevinpwaterman says:

    SMall Groups A Ok …
    SMall Groups A Ok Great Video!!

  20. cassiestrom says:

    lol Scott….. I …
    lol Scott….. I never drink on the job 😉
    and Thanks Rob!!

  21. SkoochXC says:

    There’s more to …
    There’s more to that drinking and video comment, isn’t there?