Oprah Speaks on Law Of Attraction Must See for 2008
Oprah is very successful. Oprah started her own business many years ago. Oprah is a huge inspiration to me. Oprah Winfrey can help you realize that in order to change your life, you should give big. [give Big] to yourself, {give big} to your family and most of all (give big) back to society.
This is an inspirational video to those who are ready to take on a new challenge to be successful with money in the new year 2008

Duration : 0:3:26

13 Responses to “Oprah Speaks on Law Of Attraction Must See for 2008”

  1. kgeldart says:

    fucking bollocks

  2. whosjamesburton says:

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  3. bigbiznessbiz says:

    *Crying*… …
    *Crying*…Thank-You….THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  4. vincegill2 says:

    I love this …
    I love this uplifting information – more power to u oprah

  5. robert2957 says:

    God? help anyone …
    God? help anyone who can believe this rubbish. When we belch or break wind we set up a vibration. Do we not have to be careful to set up the right vibrations in this way if we are trying to attract success?

  6. QuixoticM says:

    All those poor …
    All those poor third world citizens… Alas! if only they would think positive thoughts…

  7. halflinks says:

    “you are …
    “you are responsible for your life.” No kidding? Tell that to the democrats, they they everyone else is responsible for your life.

  8. ricksjamplace says:

    The Secret has been …
    The Secret has been the biggest bullshit lie in my life. The only thing that has REALLY helped me is ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy) and mindfulness. If Oprah didn’t ‘surrender’ Steven wouldn’t have called… Yeah right. The way you think doesn’t change a single thing in your life. It’s all a cultural myth telling you it’s YOUR fault if something doesn’t work out in your life, not society and the way the world is. No, the world is perfect. It’s all YOU. What a fuck* lie.

  9. misslightwrk says:

    thoughts creative …
    thoughts creative things….i cant believe that Oprah and me are actually on the same page on something lol

  10. Virility says:

    Oprah is such a …
    Oprah is such a tool. This whole “The Secret” nonsense is utter garbage. Absolute nonsense – and she talks like she has some grip on reality.

    I’m fine with positive thinking, but trying to link those thoughts with some metaphysical (universal!) reaction based entirely on your whims is ridiculous. The logic behind “The Secret” and it’s potential outcomes as a philosophy is absurd – anyone with half a brain should be able to see that.

  11. lise2211 says:

    Thank you for this …
    Thank you for this video. Oprah is one of the best example,,,Like to hear what she has to say, so inspiring.

  12. burzum83 says:

    @parlezuml hahaha
    @parlezuml hahaha

  13. parlezuml says:

    Why doesn’t The …
    Why doesn’t The Secret work in casinos?