Marketing Plan a Must for Home Based Business

A marketing plan is essential for a business home Internet marketing opportunity. To succeed in any business, whether a home business or not, you need a marketing plan that sets out your Internet marketing opportunity campaign. If your firm were a large corporation you’d put several hundred pages of marketing tasks together in one plan. As a small home business noting your organized Internet marketing opportunity plan will probably take fewer than ten pages. But it must be done, and early.

The simplest and easiest way to work with your marketing plan is to place the pages in a three ring binder and refer to it monthly. This lets you keep track of what you should be doing in your home business Internet marketing opportunity schedule and if you’re on schedule or not. Leave plenty of room for notes on your performance in regard to your written marketing plan.

A plan for taking advantage of the marketing opportunities for a home business should cover a one year period. A business home Internet marketing opportunity plan should not extend any further out because so many things can affect such a small business. If someone leaves the firm, if the market changes, or if customers leave or others come on board, the marketing plan must be altered. A few years down the home business road is the time to rewrite the plan to encompass the next two to five years.

A marketing plan for a home business Internet opportunity will take you at least two months to write, especially if you’re a novice at marketing plan writing.

Everyone that has a management or executive say in any aspect of the home Internet business should have an opportunity to contribute to the marketing plan. While the tendency is to hold the information in the plan close to the vest, it won’t work without asking for the guidance and input of those involved in the planning, building, marketing and growing, both Internet and otherwise, of your home business. Feedback must come from anyone involved in your Internet home business financing, manufacturing, staffing, equipping, and managing. Of course, as in many home Internet opportunity business ventures, the sole proprietor is the only administrator and as such completes the bulk of the marketing plan with some input of paid consultants.

Your marketing plan for your home Internet business must be consistent with your firm’s business plan or the opportunity for the two documents to help you succeed is lost. The business plan lays out the company vision for the next five years. The marketing plan dictates how you get to the achievement of that vision and the completion of the various goals along the way. A business plan will talk about the financing needed to start and grow the business, one of which will be the expense of advertising and marketing. The marketing plan will spell out the marketing opportunities you will take advantage of, and the cost of each, to get your home Internet business started and making a profit.

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  1. W.C. Felcher says:

    What’s your plan to save the US economy right now?
    Here’s my plan:

    1. No more free bailout money for anyone. Instead, US government gives banks vouchers to loan money to private businesses. The banks must loan the taxpayers’ money within 120 days to a credit worthy (independent rating) business or they lose the voucher. The bank must have a stake in the creditworthiness and debt repayment of the commercial borrower (perhaps by withholding percentage of earned commission over time). Essentially, the banks become accountable, commission-based middlemen for government loans.

    2. Government demolishes vacant homes in ‘designated’ housing crisis cities such as Stockton, Tampa, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. The HUD secretary should convene a meeting of city mayors to come up with a plan to condemn vacant homes and blighted properties, and to ratchet up building code enforcement to remove questionable vacant homes from the market.

    3. Cut capital gains tax to zero until December 31, 2010. That’s right. No one pays one cent of capital gains tax on any capital gains earned from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2010. However, short swing transactions still pay ordinary income tax rate to discourage short selling and speculation. Thereafter, phase back tax increases until they return to current capital gains tax rate of fifteen percent.

    In addition, after 2010, no capital gains tax break for foreign companies and foreign entities. If you want to gamble in the U.S stock market, you have to pay the vig to Uncle Sam starting in 2011.

    4. Extend unemployment insurance benefits for six months.

    5. Methodical and rational troop draw down in Iraq to save US taxpayers up to $10 billion dollars per month. Apply some of the saved money towards giant infrastructure and public works programs here in U.S.

    6. Repeal the Bankruptcy Reform Act’s means test provisions. Allow Chapter 7 petitioners to discharge all debts owed to creditors, and not be forced into Chapter 13 reorganization plans.

    7. Prohibit all foreign companies from bidding on government contracts until 2012.

  2. E.R. says:

    ask michelle obama….my baby mama
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  3. Metallicat says:

    Provide all this ‘bailout" money to the people. This could add up to over 400k a tax-paying family. At that, people could pay off mortgages, cars, and buy – buy – buy. Will this not stimulate the economy?
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  4. pacemark5 says:

    I’m closing my business. I’m just going to let Obama take care of me.
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  5. Brian says:

    I’m not a big fan of five or six but the rest doesn’t look too bad..
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  6. MJR says:

    Just one:

    An amendment to the Constitution of the United States

    "Congress shall make no law abridging nor respecting the establishment of commerce and trade"

    There should be a wall of separation between Business and State, for the exact same reasons that we have a wall of separation between Church and State.
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  7. jamal s says:

    1) Put more money into schools. Schools loosing funding is a big issue, especially in urban communities. If schools don’t have the proper funding they can’t teach properly, and students won’t learn, they won’t relate to what’s begin taught, and won’t see much importance in school. Next, colleges are constantly raising tuition because they’re losing funding. If tuition costs go up, that means that students will have less money to spend on books, housing, and other expenses. Common sense says that if students are failing in school, that there is something the school is lacking that keeps it from being able to teach effectively. That should be the school you put money into… not the school that already has everything it needs to properly educate its students. Want to fix the drop out rate? Invest more money into schools.

    2) Universal Health Care. Everyone needs and has a right as a human being to health care. I should not have to decide between helping my doctor buy a new car and saving my life or a loved one’s life. Pharmaceutical companies today are concerned more with finding temporary remedies to illnesses than finding actual cures today. Instead of making it a goal to keep people healthy, they depend on the sick for them to make a profit. That’s why even though drugs like marijuana, which DOES have medicinal value, stay illegal – they are actual solutions to problems. Fixing a problem = loosing a market and potential customers. This would also save money for the average person because they don’t have much expense to pay. That is money they could put towards other things like school, food, bills, etc. In reality, health comes before money.

    3) Graduated income tax. The rich are rich because they make a profit off of the work done by the middle and lower classes. Since taking the money away from the rich directly is unconstitutional, giving back to those who put in the most work (the middle and lower classes) should be done through taxes and social services.

    4) Focus drug policies on upper level suppliers instead of harassing low level dealers/Stop CIA and other federal agencies from playing their hand in the drug trade. The lower level dealers only exist because the drugs come from somewhere… if you want to get drugs off the streets, you don’t crate environmental cycles (like broken homes and other environments that come from a population with high incarceration rates) by only attacking the AFFECT of a cause. Deal with the cause – government corruption and upper level suppliers.

    This is just the start, but those would be big steps forward.

    Also… one thing to note is that all of the 4 topics I addressed are all related. By investing more in the lower and middle classes, you can reduce crime and increase the number of people contributing to the economy in constructive ways.

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    Struggling college student

  8. Killer Queen says:

    I don’t have plans since no one has asked me for them. Gov’t people I mean. But your plans are not new. Most of them are Obama’s. And he is seeing they won’t work so he’s revising them.

    On number 5 for instance, what is methodical and rational troop draw down? That is pretty vague. We must not let Iraq and Iran to call our bluff on this. This is what they’re waiting for. We must give them a deadline and stick to it.

    So I can’t go in to each and every one of these plans because they’re so flawed and it would take a major economics course to explain why.
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  9. Did You Get That Memo? says:

    Same as always, get government out of the way of productive people. No bailouts, fewer regulations, lower taxes. Works every time. Problem for most is that it involves business cycles, which I guess people have been conditioned to believe can be smoothed away by bad government policy.
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    Econ 101.

  10. rotorhead says:

    1. Begin an aggressive program of deporting the apx 20 million illegals in this country. If we have to do it one bus load at a time, then so be it. Kids born here to the parents of illegals get shipped back with them. They will be able to apply for a permanent visa when they turn 18.

    2. Adopt the Fair Tax plan and get rid of about 95% of the IRS.

    Your #5 idea will cost us much more if you do that. It’s the old "pay me now or pay me later". The war is nothing more than a sideshow to this whole mess.
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  11. Brown9489 says:

    A rapid turn around in the U.S. economy depends on finding a replacement for the internal combustion engine.

    This would shake all of the well heeled oil wealth out of the trees and redistribute the wealth of the nation through new entrepreneurial ventures, create new jobs and lower the cost of transportation for individuals and products going to market.

    Its a no-brainer.
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    Require every bail out dollar to the lending institutions ( creditors, banks, etc. ) be required to lend to consumers and businesses under normal qualifying parameters. and nolonger will be used to buy other bank’s debts. — which is what they’re doing with the bail out money they’ve already received.

    Federally impose fines on any creditor raising interest rates or lowering open to purchase limits to any consumer who has not defaulted on any payments.

    Do not bail out any further industries. If they fail…….they fail. LET ONLY The strong, the honest and the business smart survive. All others – bye-bye.


    Except the lazy who will still hold out a hand for a free perk. To those people……A one way trip to a 3rd world country for a 5 year example of what life is really like when you have real problems. Cheaper burden by far to the people , less drain on the economy and we actually get rid from a 0 tolerence of society – the lazy amoung us. They’ll return after 5 years either dead from being lazy over there….or full of p!ss and vinager with some damn ambition.

    This alone will immediately turn the economy.
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  13. ruth says:

    I’m sure you are well aware by now that Congress does not care what we think about anything.

    I don’t have a plan to save the US economy, and I’m not hanging on any hope that the government will.
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  14. Coffee T says:

    i can’t wait until obama get in the office, he said he will give me money for gas,groceries,my dream house and a nice vacation and i don’t even have to work for it !
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  15. steelerboi86 says:

    1. Cut taxes by up to 6% for people making under 250,000 and raise taxes for the rich up to 5%. This way the middle class will have some money to spend and the companies can make some profit. The rich will still have their ability to spend because they can afford a tiny raise in their taxes instead of being greedy.

    2. Raise minimum wage by a dollar or so. So that they poor can spend a little to and the poverty rate will decrease.

    3. Gradually by the end of April next year pull out of Iraq cutting expenses for unneccesary military action in a non threatening country. This way the tax cuts can happen without hurting the governments funds.

    4. Tax companies who ship jobs overseas so that they will want to keep them here in the U.S. because of fear of losing to much money.

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