Best Home Based Business How Do You Choose

How does a person convince another that their home based business is the best thing out there? How do you know who to believe when every online business is advertised as “the best thing since sliced bread”?

Now, I have never been a big fan of sliced bread. (Maybe that has something to do with me having to carry a sandwich to school in my Micky Mouse lunch box for so many years…I\’m not sure.) But the point I\’m trying to make is this. The best thing out there for one person, may not be the best thing for the next person.

But what makes a great home business? Is it the the guy with the website showing a mansion, fancy car and the sexy woman throwing hundred dollar bills in the air? Probably not, but how many of us have fallen for that one? Maybe it\’s the perfect home business with that “last chance to sign up” offer. The one that rushes you into joining his network marketing business before you have the chance to figure out the pyramid scam.

Or could it be the “fast talker ” on the phone, who talks you into believing his mlm business is worth the $999 start up fee? Maybe it\’s that determined guy that has you on his auto responder for 90 days of continuous emails, that has the #1 home based business. (That\’s what he\’s been telling you, so it must be true.)

It\’s a shame that the majority of people seeking a home business opportunity first believe that you can get rich overnight. And there is no one more guilty of that , then me. It all looks good on paper, the website, the email, and sounds great over the phone. Until you\’ve paid your start up cost, and “your sponsor” is off to “sponsor” his next, leaving you wondering what just happened to your new best friend.

Most people have to first go through an experience or two, or three, like thist before realizing it\’s up to you to first check out the company, the founder, the compensation plan, the fine print and more.

But…getting back to my origional question. How does a person convince another that their home based business is the best thing out there? You can\’t…or at least, you shouldn\’t. I believe the reputation of the company should speak for itself. After you do your research, review the compensation plan, considering the longevity potential, the industry you\’ll be invoved with, and speak with a representative of the company…you should get your answer. To be honest with you, I don\’t even care to have a person on my team that has to be talked into joining. This person will more than likely never see the company potential, and will drop out in a month.

Now you may be wondering what I\’m trying to sell? The answer is nothing…to those that I haven\’t connected with, have already quit reading, because they do not want to hear the truth. But if you have an interest in what has been working for that average person out there, I recommend you take a look at this opportunity.

Larry Buhrandt

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  1. Tracey L says:

    Best areas to advertise a home based business opportunity?
    I recently got involved in a home based business opportunity in the health and beauty industry. I am finding the internet is saturated with business ops and it is difficult to build a downline.

    I am considering doing offline advertising. My question is, what regions, states, areas, etc… seem to be the most responsive to these types of opportunities if one is choosing to do print ads?

  2. Sherri Lynn says:

    I have been on line working from home since 2004. I have learned that if you write ads locally first, people feel more comfortable with your site. Then I suggest you also go to some free ad sites, I found some that work great and you can get your own, offer free advertising to other businesses and this will build you a down line and contacts. Plus write blog gs about experiences you have had, your interests and stories that make people feel the trust they need when working with you. This is my Adpost and you can get one free also and it works great, it even puts your ads in search engines to give you the traffic you need. If you need anything just ask my website is set up to help others with Home Business Ideas and I hope this helps you.
    God Bless,
    Sherri Lynn
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  3. styles says:

    This website will help you get all the leads you need for your business. Go take a look at it!
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  4. wayne m says:

    GIve us a shot 🙂 – but wherever you go , be carefull.

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  5. Supernova75 says:

    That’s a bit difficult to predict which states or regions would be most responsive.
    Try making use of the free service below, post your ads their and you can target all states and cities. That way you might get an idea of where the most leads come from..
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  6. RMB says:

    Try advertising on some smaller, cheaper sites like They offer several advertising solutions. Check it out!
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