I am trying to build a business with 4 other people with a minimal investment under $2,500. How?

How can I find people who are like minded and who see the big
picture in a business that can help them? I have a home based business, I Work from home and I set my own hours.
I am building a Network, NOT a Pryamid.
I have so much excitement and believe in direct marketing. This is
a great opportunity for people who would like to have control over
their own business.

hou.. yeah! sounds exciting, contact me..

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  1. DonGiovanni says:

    hou.. yeah! sounds exciting, contact me..
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  2. snagelfritz says:

    I would buy a Riding Lawnmower and a Weed-eater and a small trailer. That be about $2,500. Start mowing yards and slowly buy more equipment as my Clientele grow. Work into Landscaping and hire people to work for me.
    What good about this Business. It makes good money, keeps you Trim and Fit, lowers Blood Pressure and helps the Elderly.
    Heck, what I saved not going to a Fitness Gym, I bought a Ski Boat!
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  3. teran_realtor says:

    I am involved with a company that does network marketing. It’s called USANA Health Sciences. Here is their website, so you can see what it’s about.

    There are MANY network marketing companies in existence. Some are good and some are not. For this business to work, it needs two things: First, a quality product – without that, the bottom will eventually fall out. Secondly, a compensation plan that rewards harder worker, not just "people at the top". USANA meets both of these requirements.

    Since vitamins are not drugs, they are not regulated by the FDA. Because of this, what it says on the label is often not what is in the bottle. USANA has voluntarily submitted to the FDA requirements of processing and quality of their products, and are listed in the PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference). That means that what it says on the label is what’s inside. Also, they do dissolve in you (many vitamins end up passing through you, often still in pill form!)

    Early network marketing companies taught sponsoring as many people as possible, and some would make it, while most drop out. In USANA, a distributor’s "front line" only has two people in it. Any others that he sponsors go under those people. I cannot make money until I’m helping those below me grow their business, and I don’t necessarily make more than the people below me.

    This company operates in a bunch of countries (USA, Australia, Japan, UK,New Zealand, Netherlands, Mexico, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada) and is going to start in Malaysia in 2007. Where are you? So far, my business is only in the USA, but will be in Mexico in January.

    Let me know if you’re interested. You can start a business center for a little less than $600, and most of that is vitamins that you’ll be benefiting from anyhow. Or, if you’d like to try the vitamins yourself prior to deciding, we could do that.

    Richard Teran
    San Antonio, Texas, USA
    210-710-7900 Cell
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