Home Movies: The Best of Walter and Perry 2/3

The best moments of Home Movies’ Walter and Perry.

I know I’m missing a few clips, so don’t bother telling me.

I don’t own Home Movies, blah blah, legal stuff.

Part 1:
Part 3:

Duration : 0:8:59

7 Responses to “Home Movies: The Best of Walter and Perry 2/3”

  1. showbizpizzablog says:

    can you give me a …
    can you give me a list of episodes from parts 1, 2 and 3?

  2. Chrayze says:

    Perry looks like …
    Perry looks like that frog on that cannon from the Lava Powerhouse on Sonic Spinball!!! LOLOL

  3. speakingmanners says:

    7:50 – 7:54: Where …
    7:50 – 7:54: Where are you pointing?!?

  4. kisa154 says:

    they’re creepy, …
    they’re creepy, walter and perry are. ._.

  5. NE0NBL00D says:

    because i can feel …
    because i can feel it–in here. where are you pointing to? hahahahahaha. what episode is that from? i love it! so much. i love WALTER & PERRY! MAKE A MOVIE about PERRY and HIM! Make it !!!!

  6. NE0NBL00D says:

    i cant use my mouth …
    i cant use my mouth no more. i think you got brain damage. i think i had a stroke. it’s kinda cute. thank you!

  7. YellowTexasRose90 says:

    Double lame-o …
    Double lame-o donkey D#@K!

    Sucking on? the witch’s T%t! LMAO!