MonaVie: Business Scam or Opportunity?

MonaVie offers people the opportunity to start their very own business from the comforts of their home. The opportunity consists of marketing and selling their MonaVie Juice product through the network marketing business based model. Monavie is not a scam and presents the opportunity to make a substantial residual income. This is true as any MLM opportunity, if you can recruit a large volume of distributors, you will be rewarded. The MonaVie product line consists of a health beverage consisting of 19 fruit juice blends with the main being the Acai Berry fruit. Many individuals can testify to the quality of the products.
A review of the MonaVie business opportunity
compensation plan shows this to be a binary compensation plan . If you choose Monavie and decide that this business is for you, you need to be prepared to balance your 2 legs in order to receive your commissions. Sometimes there is also breakage in binary comp plans.Many people struggle in binary comp plans. Your success in Monavie, or any business relies on your dedication to apply whatever proven tools your MLM business has made available to you.

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