Your home based business is not working for you

Saying â??Anyone Can Do Network Marketing!â? It is Like Selling a â??One Size Fits Allâ?? Dress. 90% Will Wish They Hadnâ??t Bought It!

There are as many different types of people as there are reasons why people chose to or not to become Network Marketers, home business owners, enter MLM, Ebay and so on.

Some enter the world of Multilevel Marketing because they are told that they can earn huge sums of money, marketing a product that sells itself and that no sales experience is required. NO, if you have no sales or marketing experience MLM is not for you because:-

You need to market and sell to recruit your down line, because most of you out there do not have an automated marketing program to bolt onto the front of your primary business that does it for you.

Most of you do not have an applicant vetting process that weeds out the people who donâ??t have the skill, stamina, determination, energy nor self-confidence to be an Entrepreneur. In actual fact, most of you are so relieved to get anyone to join your down line that you take people who have no better chance than you at succeeding.

Most of you are not the leaders that others want to follow! That may sound harsh, but letâ??s face it, many of you chose to work from home to avoid the stress of managing anyone but yourself. There is helpful information from Magnetic Sponsoring on Attraction Marketing on my blog along with information on how to use health and fitness to improve self-confidence, energy and stamina for business.

Many of you will always be followers; you just need to know if that is you. If that is you, that is okay, but you need to find a Network Marketing Opportunity that can give you a significant commission from high end products that you donâ??t have to sell too many of, the support of a repeatable back office marketing system and only one level down line of good people.

Back to my analogy – Yes you can be successful, have freedom, security and make a lot of money, but find the clothes that suit you and that fit!

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