What is the best home based business to start?

I have been wanting to start a home based business such as ‘Lia Sophia’ and others. Just not sure which one to do. Just want to know if anyone has started their own business and could recommend a good one to start.

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  1. Ali says:

    i think u can start candle making business. i m too searching on the net about this.
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  2. Mimi says:

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  3. mike says:

    Hey im currently involved in a home based business. I am seeing pretty great results. Its a multi-level marketing company. Its more of on online based business though.

    The company is called global domains international. I started a couple weeks ago and my business is slowly growing each day.

    Check it out. Copy and paste the link under sources. Thanks
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  4. holyfreakincat says:

    sell ebooks with resell rights – – free to download and sell.
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  5. Click on says:

    I would recommend a business in direct sales of Natural Wellness products. Candles, Makeup etc are luxury and highly competive items that people can do without or purchase locally cheaper.This is a great business because it is recession proof and involves consumable goods that people repurchase quickly, thus providing you with a constant flow of income. Sometimes these company websites appear in your e-mail in box. My computer is being repaired right now, but feel free to call me @ 1-914-258-2434 for more info.

    Best wishes for success!
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  6. Click Here to Get More Info! says:

    “A” Rating with the BBB

    You will get lots of scammers answering here, please don’t fall prey. However, at the same time, please don’t listen to the people saying they are ALL SCAMS. They are not ALL scams, just MOST of them are!

    I am a single mom of 2 girls who has tried over 15 opportunities in the course of 3 years so I have some great information for you on how to find a LEGIT way to work from home plus a list of top 10 work at home scams!

    People are looking for work from home and the biggest problem is they don’t understand that there really are NO WORK AT HOME JOBS. You will not find hourly pay from home. You can look forever, you’ll never find it. The only way to earn an income from home is to find a legit home business.

    Small home businesses have increased in the last 5 years by about 200%. People are really starting to realize that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The best home businesses to start are those with a proven plan in place like Avon or Mary Kay however if you are like me, you are not interested in pushing products.

    Legitimate small home businesses should have a small costs involved but be careful, all the scams will be charging too so know the business. Talk to a REAL person and ask questions. Less than $500 to start is reasonable and I would stay away from those wanting $1000-$5000. It doesn’t cost that much to start a home business so you shouldn’t pay it. If you are coming across places that say free then I would RUN don’t walk the other way! They never are in the end.

    After trying 15 things, I now work about 20-25 hours per week for a well known and respected company with amazing credentials. This company actually helps keep Americans Safe and Secure by offering Medical and Dental plans as well as things like roadside assistance, credit repair and National Child ID in partnership with the FBI. We also help Americans stay safe and save money! Americans have saved over 1 BILLION dollars with these plans.

    I started with this company 3 years ago and started making $500 a month within only a few months. That income has increased now to around $900 a week. No, it’s not $10,000 a day like those scams advertise but this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If that’s what you are looking for, look elsewhere! The best part is they have 401(k), direct deposit, life insurance and a family benefits package from day one.

    There are NO products, NO hard selling or pushing, NO Bugging Friends and Family, NO cold calling, NO home parties and NO telemarketing! That was VERY important to me. The neat thing is there are other people on your team that you work with so you are never alone even though you’re at home.

    I was a bit apprehensive at first because a lot of companies are not legit but this company’s credentials FAR SURPASSED any other home business I had ever seen. SOME of their NATIONAL partners and credentials are National Association of Dental Plans, US Chamber of Commerce, Parent Magazine, US News and World Report and Dozens of Fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target and Walmart. Most importantly they are partnered with the FBI on one of their plans that helps American’s protect their children This company also has an “A” rating with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!

    My point is to tell you, YES! There actually are legit work at home options so press forward! You will find them eventually!

    Definitely AVOID these top 10 work at home scams:

    10. Craft Assembly
    9. Medical Billing
    8. Email/Rebate Processing
    7. "A List of Companies Looking for Home workers!"
    6. "Just pay for and take this class first” Then we’ll give or find you a job!
    5. Envelope Stuffing
    4. "Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine!"
    3. Pyramid Schemes (this is NOT the same as Multi-Level Marketing MLM)
    2. Chain Letters/Emails
    1. Typing At Home / Data Entry (The biggest scam out there. 100% of them are scams!)

    As for those of you who say: ”I want to work from home but I don’t want to have to pay for anything”. Well, that’s great! But it’s not realistic. Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If it is a true honest legitimate home business, you need to expect to pay a little something. Mr. Walt Disney didn’t start the Disney empire “without paying for anything”. Neither did Mr. Sam Walton, owner of Wal-Mart.

    Good luck in your search!

    If you want to know more or chat with me click on my profile to the left!

    Best Wishes to you!
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  7. eshopnetwork says:

    You should start dubli-network business. It’s a genuine, profitable home based global networking business with combine e-commerce which can make money for you. It’s not a scam business. It’s running success fully Europe, Australia, New Zealand and US now it’s going to launch globally on this April. So it’s a very good business to work at home. Visit dubli-network business today.
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  8. Kim says:

    You may want to check out this article produced by Office Live Small Business on 7 great business ideas to start from home. It might give you some ideas to get you thinking:

    Also, you should consider using Office Live Small Business as a tool to get your web presence started. As an upstart you’ll need resources like your own website, your own business email address, and cloud storage to share and access your documents from anywhere. OLSB is a great tool that accomplishes all those tasks. Learn more here:

    Hope this helps spark some ideas!
    Microsoft Office Live Outreach
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  9. Winning says:

    Health product – #1 home based business with high potential for making millionaires out of us. You’ll come to know why this is #1. This will be a minimal one time investment of $1,500 and network this product with wonderful people around us. This should be more than enough to see the money tree grow to leave for our legacy and for the generations to enjoy. This is a life-time opportunity. Email or call me for more details 310-742-7348
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  10. Perfumenetworker says:

    Love Fragrances? This is one of the simplest products to retail. This company has over 160 designer quality but very affordable Fragrances, something for everyone!

    Perfumes created by one of the worlds leading perfume houses.

    No product training or explanation required! Who doesnt know how to use a fragrance. Just open up your perfume kit and let people smell the fragrances. Your customers will not only be happy with the quality but they will be amazed when you tell them the price.

    This is a global opportunity so you can if you want build a global business.

    Very Low start up cost
    No Stock
    No targets
    No pressure
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