What is a good home based business to start?

I am looking for a good home business….any suggestions?

Premier Designs is the BEST home based company in America.

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  1. MAndy says:

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  2. Guppie S says:

    Premier Designs is the BEST home based company in America.
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  3. Jennifer F says:

    Though some may not realize it, affiliate marketing is not a home business. In most cases there is no residual, just a one time sale with a very small commission.

    However, many people get involved with Affiliate marketing because of the low cost to start. I know that’s why I did years ago. However, I didn’t learn much other than how to copy, paste and post the same thing a million other people were and how to be a spammer.

    A home based business, a real one, requires commitment on your part to learn the skills of helping people for the sake of helping and not just for a check. Most are either product or service based. Cost ranges anywhere from $29 to $500 to start.

    It’s not something to go lightly into thinking you will get rich quick and anything you look at that claims you will, I’d highly recommend you RUN the other direction.

    I wrote a blog this last summer outlining some advice for those wanting to do what you are asking. It’s all generic, no companies, products, services, recommendations…. just things you should consider. You can find a link on my profile here.

    I wish you all the best.
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  4. mlc_business says:

    A great home-based-business to start is a Virtual Assistant business. A Virtual Assistant is an independent entrepreneur who provides a variety of services, virtually, to businesses that are in need of administrative assistance.

    A Virtual Assistant provides such services as word processing, data entry, desktop publishing, email management, appointment scheduling, web design, and much more. If you are interested in providing any of these services – or can think of another service you would like to provide – the Virtual Assistant business may be right for you. And best of all, the money you spend is spent on your business. There is no need to worry about giving someone else money to get work.

    If you think that the Virtual Assistant industry is right for you, then you will diffidently want to do your research. Before I started my own Virtual Assistant business I did a lot of research. I come across a great website that helped me a lot. This website is VAnetworking. VAnetworking offers a forum for all VA’s allowing one another to connect as well as ask questions. They also offer eseminars, free membership, and much more. It’s a great website that should be checked out.

    Hope that this helps.

    Good luck on the search for your home-based-business.

    MLC Business Solutions
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  5. tammi121275 says:

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  6. Junglecat says:

    That is a personal question. The type of home business best suited to you all depends on many factors.

    – Your costs
    – Your available time to work on the business
    – What your income goals are
    – Your level of seriousness
    – What you actually want to do (Which area of interest)
    … Just to name a few.

    Once you have figured some of these out, then it is time to look around in the chosen areas. Get creative and take initiative.
    You will have many people telling you that you are crazy, but keep focused and stay on track.
    My business has one of the most lucrative business models in the home business arena. The company has been going strong for over 9 years and thriving more than ever in this so called "economic down turn". Our PROVEN system makes more money in a month, than most people make in a year… all by following a very simple system.

    For more information visit:
    Leave your details and I will put the information in front of you.

    To Your Success!
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