What Ideas Do You Have That Would Be Good To Start A Home Based Business?

My Quition is what kind of home based bussiness do you think we need or would be good to be more helpfull and so forth that you could earn a decent living at no matter were you live city, county, suberbs and so forth. I would like some help coming up with some ides on what would be good to try. I have a friend with some disabilitys from an accident and they can not work in a regular job setting to take care of their family and do not want to be on dissability or state aid. We have been trying to come up with some ideas on what to do and a home based bussiness or job would be ideal for them because of the restrictions they have. Can you please help us.

Interesting in how similar my situation was.

I had to have an arm amputated from bone cancer. I lost my (very) good paying job and needed to find another source of income to replace what I had lost.

I had applied for disability and was rejected twice. I then started looking for a Home based business, and came across the one I am with. There were alot of things that stood out about this than others.

No inventory
No monthly sales quota
only $20 per month to stay active
Sole proprietary technology
Unique to the industry.

All that PLUS……"Travel is the largest category od e-commerce, accounting for 43% of all online spending" – Dan Hess, CNN MONEY

When I saw that travel accounts for $.43 out of EVERY dollar spent online (worldwide) I knew that I should look into this.

I have been with this company for almost two years now and things are only getting better.

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  1. Marcus S says:


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  2. todd s says:

    try a printing company with ur compputer and printer
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  3. Person_01 says:

    Buy and sell stuff on ebay, or learn a computer skill, like web design, or invest in something – join a realestate investment group, or learn to use the stock market. Rent out a room in your house. Buy and sell drugs. Give classes on something you know, like an instrument or school subjects.
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