What do I need to start my home based business?

I want to start a home-based internet business and have a very good business plan, but what do I need to get started? Do I need a tax ID? Anything else legally I need to have?

Yes you need a federal tax ID and you also may want to look into zoning laws in your area. You many want to incorporate also into an LLC or S corp.

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  1. Eric says:

    Yes you need a federal tax ID and you also may want to look into zoning laws in your area. You many want to incorporate also into an LLC or S corp.
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  2. Elaine M says:

    You need a product, a plan, enough merchandise at a good price, know who you’re selling to (gender, demographics, etc.) and a way to reach them.

    Your state’s Revenue section can get you up and running with your tax number, sole proprietorship, and the tax forms for sending in every quarter. Just google your state and the words ‘Dept. of Revenue’ and see if you need a mobile sellers permit since you don’t have a brick and mortar store.
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  3. Doni...The Reshaper says:

    If you’re not charging taxes…nothing. When you’re opening a physical store you will need the tax ID. Most businesses like yours don’t require that. Just make sure your involved with a company that has 2 key elements:

    1. Moral Soundness-meaning the business must be morally sound to you. Do you believe in the product or service? If it’s something you wouldn’t dare bring your Mom into…leave it alone.

    2. Market Value-it has to be a need and want to the extent that there’s enough consumers. Does competition outweigh consumers??

    Im involved with a company called Ardyss International. Through this company, my partner & I are in the business of "reshaping". We help people "reshape" from the inside through our natural nutritional products. We help "reshape" people on the outside with our line of fat-compressing garments that drop inches in minutes while aiding weight loss. We show people how to "reshape" their bank accounts through owning their own business.

    This company has been featured on various networks, such as NBC, FOX AND ABC, to name a few. You can Google the company…its all over YouTube. The results are real…for the consumer & the owner!!
    If you’d like more information, call Doni 813-506-0455 or email:
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  4. Mykk Freeman says:

    You should start with a DBA (doing business as) You can obtain this from your county clerks office for around $30.00. A state tax permit is required if you plan to sell your merchandise "in state" and of course you need to have something worthy to sell.
    You should also look into how you will advertise your new business. There are many ways to go about this and will be determined by your budget. You know that there are 152 million web sites of which only about 70 million are active and they all want to be noticed. Picking a good domain name, SEO and a lot of other factors go into raising your ranks amongst Google and all the others. Remember, if no one knows your out there, you can not have a successful business!
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