What are the top five home based or online business?

I am looking for top online or home based business ideas- not some fo those scams or home survey types. I am writing about this topic.

ebay, or craigslist, the rest are scams.

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  1. David says:

    ebay, or craigslist, the rest are scams.
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  2. TAOST says:

    There seem to be lots of customer service/receptionist type positions that can be home-based. IT type positions also seem to have some momentum.

    I am a short-term trader (swing and day trade) and am always surprised that these lists never seem to include this as an option worth at least investigating. Trading is flexible and, once the basics are learned and owned, lucrative.

    Good luck with the piece.
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  3. Amy says:

    There are so many good businesses but the ones I recommend is:
    1.Empower Network
    2.Ez money method
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    my experience in direct selling for many years!

  4. skypod says:

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  5. Don says:

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