Want to know what would be best home based business in Bangalore?

I have come across many but does not look genuine. Need you help in finding a genuiun home based business which can be done by spending one or two hours at home. I was looking for a non MLM one. Appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.

You will be better off making with handmade products

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  1. Mary J says:

    You will be better off making with handmade products
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  2. Sand... says:

    i doubt if there is any GENUINE business like that
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  3. Sanjay Porwal says:

    join real life mlm business
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  4. Pearse E says:

    You could allways consider affiliate marketing with companies liek click bank etc
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  5. Victor says:

    There many home based business opportunities anywhere and anytime. Just look around you, in your neighborhood, in your city.

    First you have to look at what you like to do, what is it that you are good at. Is it in writing, repairing things, computers,are you mechanically inclined, do you like cooking. I am just using examples but this is the first step that you need to do, know yourself and what you are good at and like to do.

    Next: Listen and look, listen to people’s complaints, what are they not satisfied with, you have to particularly listen for problems that people have that you are good at.
    For instance if somebody complains that their computer is not running fast anymore and you happen to be good in computers, you can offer to help them for a fee.

    Maybe you are good in mathematics, and your neighbor complains that his daughter is falling behind in class, why don’t you provide tutoring, etc.

    If you do that, you will see opportunities all around you. If you can solve a problem for people, you are in business.

    If you would like to learn about internet marketing and do it step by step, you can get the lessons for free at

    Hope this helps

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  6. Andrew Smith says:

    There are many MLM companies but they don’t have motive to run their business for long time. MLM started from U.S,U.K and Australia and now it spread all around the world but this days India is HUB of this companies. In India there are many companies like RSL Multi Services, RCM, RMP,unipay2u and many more. And i found RSL Multi services as most emrging company among all because they have started some time back and they contacted me here in united states to start business with them which is appreciating. This realy mean that they wanna spread their business across the globe. They have promising and highly professional management. This company is providing more sharing and rewards compare to any other companies. Their website address is
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