The Best Home Workout – Exercise Routine

Here is the perfect workout that woman can do at home. This can also be done by men. These workouts help the entire body and can be done in 30 min. If done properly you will see results within a few weeks. more strength, energy etc.

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25 Responses to “The Best Home Workout – Exercise Routine”

  1. angel81499 says:

    This is great! It …
    This is great! It had me sweating! Two thumbs up!

  2. CindyIsSingle says:

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    I would really like to meet a nice men;) msg me if you are one ?.

  3. kezoknmanzanas says:

    thats awesome dude!
    thats awesome dude!

  4. loraneherlo says:

    im romanian!
    im romanian!

  5. 1bANNAna says:

    Thaks this looks …
    Thaks this looks good and finally something that i can do at home and dnt need any special ecquipment…..Ill try do this tomorrow and tell u what i think…or actually why do smthing tomorrow when u can do it today??? By the way when is the best time of the day to do this and food wise as well….?thanks

  6. blezz4maniac says:


    Cause its working, keep ad it.

  7. dxbguy82 says:

    oyster kick your …
    oyster kick your – as in she’ll

  8. RamblinLamb says:

    AMAZING! I want …
    AMAZING! I want arms and abs like that! she is strong!

  9. majavsvala says:

    I LOVE this work …
    I LOVE this work out!!! thanks so much for doin this ! you both are in perfect shapes =)

  10. KellieeMarie1990 says:

    I think i’m dying.. …
    I think i’m dying….my legs are shaking and all sorts!!! 🙁

  11. TheMrsrandyorton says:

    girl has a SICK …
    girl has a SICK body !

  12. 77alejandrina says:

    Great workout, good …
    Great workout, good model and excellent instructor.

  13. babythreatt says:

    How many times a …
    How many times a week should you do this im trying to get into the air force so i need to get in shape

  14. blynlady says:

    i want try it!!!
    i want try it!!!

  15. ladyOluvsU says:

    thank you for this. …
    thank you for this…so many people wanna SELL’s good that you let me be healthy for free!!!

  16. kelly225100 says:

    so if we work out …
    so if we work out like that that mean we will have a nice butt???please reply

  17. candyxoxoxoxo says:

    omg she have a …
    omg she have a REALLY nice body

  18. mywhitetowel says:

    really relate-able …
    really relate-able and inspirational =]

  19. AoifeUnudottir says:

    very informative …
    very informative and well-explained. Hopefully I’ll find some time and space to do this! 😀

  20. jamielynn156 says:

    She makes it look …
    She makes it look so freaking easy! but its not!

  21. OhMyGoshMaryAnn says:

    Great work out! It …
    Great work out! It looked easy..but it was hard when I tried it! :[ I was dying in the middle of the work out and died completely towards the end I need to work out more lol. :]

  22. melattir1 says:

    Great Combination, …
    Great Combination, this workout does work!!!!

  23. Rona004 says:

    great video!!!!!
    great video!!!!!

  24. laspasivas says:

    great killer …
    great killer workout!!!

  25. aidonone says:

    He definitely says …
    He definitely says romania.