Please help me to find a legitimate home based business.?

I know that if someone asks for money that it is not okay. There are hundreds on the internet saying they are the best and I will make tones of money. But It is hard to know which ones are okay. THANKS

I recommend you do a little research with the Business Opportunity Search Engine. Being community driven it’s a cross between a search engine and a Wikipedia. You can add, delete and improve the results for much more focused answers than a general search engine can provide.

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  1. kelly says:

    Get a website. create one. If you got credit card then you can sell product.

    example: ebook, softwar, games. this product can be urs or u can sell people product at clickbank and you also earn a profit for selling it.

    The next thing you need to know is having people goin to ur website and buy ur product. Have good content. Gain more traffic and you can learn it at this website. it give you free tutorial video.
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  2. robin j says:

    if you want home based job
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  3. answer says:

    There are home based business courses, All over the internet that can teach you step by step how to start a home based business. Some are free and some are knot free. When you find a course that you are interested in before you invest your money you can find out if what he or she is telling you is the truth by typing his or her name in the yahoo search or google search and it will pull up sites and reviews on that person if they are truely pros in there field.

    Hope this helps,
    Have a Great Day.
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  4. Janet N says:

    This is the problem facing anyone who is looking to earn additional income from home. Knowing how to evaluate a company is the first skill people should learn but that’s not easy. What behavior the business model drives is important and the compensation plan. Your goals and how much effort you’re willing to put forth is important too.

    There’s not only a lot of scams but well known legitimate companies out there that just aren’t set up for the average part-timer. Read your policies and procedures.

    Building a business takes time. There’s no such thing as a hands off automated system. If you could make a ton of money doing nothing I’m guessing every one would be doing it.
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  5. KH says:

    Do your research on the company. Look at the BBB. See if there is any complaints online.
    I found a wonderful company.(after reseaching them) They stand behind you and there products 100%. I have NO regrets and I’m looking at a bright future.
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  6. Mexico4me says:

    Terry, whoever told you that if someone asks for money, that it’s not okay, was wrong.
    You don’t get something for nothing in this world, and if you are serious about finding a legitimate home based business, you have to expect an investment.
    It would be like if someone told you that when you were looking to purchase a restaurant, if someone asks for money, then it’s not okay. You are PURCHASING a business. All businesses require an investment of some sort.

    That out of the way, the business I have is marketing a product in health and wellness. The initial investment is $35 USD for enrollment, plus one case of product. So for under $200 USD, you own your own business. If you treat it like a million dollar business and really get to work with it, you will make your investment back immediately. If you really apply yourself, and go after your goals, you will reach them. It’s just a matter of determining how much income you want to earn, learn to do what it takes, and do it!

    If you are looking for a work at home job, that is a completely different story. I really don’t believe they are out there unless you are already affiliated with a company that allows you to work from home, the rest seem to be scams.

    So you have to make up your mind if you are looking for a business or a job, and take it from there.
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  7. mrsgillen3 says:

    It is okay to pay for a business, when you are planning on owning a home based business. Business being the key word. Any business you own, you would have to pay for it. I am with a home based business. Yes, I paid a little money, but what I make in return is beyond my wildest dreams. If you would like to take a look at it, I would be happy to send you information. If not, I wish you luck. Oh, and if you are looking for a job to do from home, I can send you information on one, though I do not work at it, I just heard good things about it!
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  8. atlantagolfshop says:

    eBay is a good option. You can work on your schedule and do as much as you need or want to. You can fit eBay in around other things in your life. I am an eBay Silver Level Powerseller and have sold 12,000 items. My monthly profit averages $3500.

    You will find this guide helpful in getting started on eBay.

    This guide explains what kinds of things to sell, where to find them, how to use eBay, about shipping, and how to get started immediately, with no financial investment. I started off selling things I already had and it only costs a few dollars to cover the listing fees.

    Best of luck to you!
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  9. opptune says:

    I recommend you do a little research with the Business Opportunity Search Engine. Being community driven it’s a cross between a search engine and a Wikipedia. You can add, delete and improve the results for much more focused answers than a general search engine can provide.
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  10. emmettgolf says:

    Anyone who suggests that they will make you rich overnight will not do it.The ones that say you will have to work hard to make $1 – $4000 a month are more trustworthy. It will take about a year or more to get to $2K per month unless you’re really lucky.
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  11. emmysueblue says:

    I’m not writing this to get you to sign up or buy anything…but would like to share with you my experience. I just recently invested in a home based business and it’s working out great. I have a full time job, a family, a husband whose in school full time, and I also volunteer on a few committees so my plate was already full when I signed up. Flexibility is a BIG thing with me…and this worked. I sell Tastefully Simple products (check it out if you’d like!) and it’s great! I have a new circle of friends that I can count on, wonderful support when it comes to business questions or needs, low up front cost (I was broke to begin with!) and love selling (and using)their products. My advice to you is find something you enjoy and know that what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it. Research the organization and know what you’re getting into. Tastefully Simple is a great company with a great history, they are family oriented and do a lot for their communities and environment! Best of luck to you!
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