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Main difference between an expert network marketer and a novice network marketer is marketing. An expert embraces marketing whilst a novice doesn’t. Hence the novice still chases after his family and friends, makes cold calls at all hours of the night, sets up home meetings etc.Now the way you want to run your mlm business because when all is said and done, you will find few who will duplicate what you are doing.

There are still many lead companies online as its totally in their interests to promote their leads for a monthly fee to network marketers. Unfortunately many network marketing companies tell their affiliates to buy leads from these vendors and build their businesses this way. I have a major problem with this being a network marketer.

No 1 : You don’t know where these leads are coming from

No 2 : You don’t know what incentive the lead company has given to these leads to opt in to their website.

No 3 : Even before you have made a dime, you’re already out of pocket buying leads

There is a better way!. By using something like a network marketing funded proposal, you attract the right type of prospects to you. You make instant cash so any marketing you do is paid for by your funded proposal sales. Also you have the added benefit of being in a favorable position of recruiting your funded proposal customer into your network marketing business.

So don’t let the problem of money and leads deter you from being a success in network marketing. Get into a good funded proposal today. You will be taught how to market online in which YOU will generate your own red hot leads that are yours and you alone. I wish you massive success.

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