Marketing Music Business 2010 – Why Music Seems To Be “FREE”! – Music Marketing 2010 – How to market your music. Music marketing is based on perception of value in battling piracy.

What and why most people think the way they do about the value of music and how it might affect the future of the industry

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  1. clintdelicious says:

    @moorcll This way …
    @moorcll This way of thinking is what the industry needs, instead of traditionalists complaining and trying to sue everyone just because they are too dumb to think of how to evolve with the changing times

  2. clintdelicious says:

    p2p is causing a …
    p2p is causing a lota problems, but its here to stay. Whenever a crisis in other industries develops those industries evolve and seek to make money elsewhere. The music industry needs to realise that despite p2p etc you can still make money elsewhere other than cds. The business must evolve and look to other less traditional avenues to make money instead of just suggesting sueing p2p downloaders, that is just lazy and a massive task. use your head to find where the cash is n get with da times

  3. ttpromo8 says:

    hmmm, i agree
    hmmm, i agree

  4. GodStarRevisited69 says:

    now VP BIden is …
    now VP BIden is working with a thing called Roundtable to protect against ?Intellectual Property, 2 side to tis coin, as piracy takes bread of the creative’s pockets,&again if you can’t beat them join them,so we c things like Spotify and Guvera that has marketers of proiducts like Harley davidson and COKe using ads and combining them with ” free” music to get some money up from the fan, product plus music=some dough. how that is broken down and disributed? anyone’s guess?

  5. billpeart says:

    you are very …
    you are very correct. most people stopped listening to music decades ago! shallow minds….

  6. EdgardoJustice says:

    Nice work. keep it …
    Nice work. keep it up. tyjuyhj

  7. lebroucke says:

    The only ones that …
    The only ones that loose are the ones already selling a lot.

    Everyone else wins!!!!!!

  8. deshawnpenrose says:

    Free Music and get …
    Free Music and get paid off ad-sales like a website maybe..

  9. EnveBeats says:

    The rec comps use 2 …
    The rec comps use 2 many disposable artists,they dont Endorse “Creativity” thats why music now is worth shit< They rather hang on to hollywood actors with writers and gimmicks then creative souls who really love the emotion and energy music creates< I Cant wait till it Crumbles!! Man vs Machine!

  10. nikiwonoto says:

    i love this guy!

    i love this guy!
    seeing this video even after a couple of months, still mystically give me this very high-spirits to keep promoting my band’s music! (ie: even though we’re in indonesia!

  11. makemyday1939 says:

    How To Hints and …
    How To Hints and tips Playlist no 2

  12. drmixedmeters says:

    Awesome videos. …
    Awesome videos. Very informative.

    I also had a pink guitar. I sold it years ago :).

  13. JohntheVault says:

    There is no MTV so …
    There is no MTV so we get our music which is mostly OLD 90s and back online for free. Someone like me who is a musician still supports our favorite artists if they tour around me.

  14. OsvaldoPaese says:

    Great video man. I …
    Great video man. I hung on to every word even if your words are similar to many being written about our times.

  15. Depotmaster says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for sharing your experience

  16. nikiwonoto says:

    hey, nice vid, as …
    hey, nice vid, as always man! 🙂
    a question from me, an indie-musician from Indonesia, though:
    do you think it’s still possible, amidst all these FREE internet downloads, piracy, etc, for indie artists to be FULL-time in music and still make a living (ie: enough money is even OK! as long as i can live, eat, and my music touch a lot of people!) from music?

    what do u think?
    is it possible?
    or musicians now have to take ANOTHER part or full-time job? like say, corporate-jobs??

  17. TalkMusicBiz says:

    aint it the truth.. …
    aint it the truth……

  18. stevenm2009 says:

    haha i did a essay …
    haha i did a essay on this exact same topic for school……p2p networks really are killing the industry

  19. trevorroper says:

    i agree with you …
    i agree with you music will be harder to sell.
    but if the record companies invested in finding real tallant and not just preaty faces,and thay discover an act that appeals to the majotity of music lovers we will all be buying that acts music,

  20. BlinDman72 says:

    Great info Geebz, …
    Great info Geebz, thanks man! 5 stars

  21. hiphopcrisis says:

    let me put together …
    let me put together some kicking music for your videos?
    get in touch on myspace.

  22. youdontneednostrap says:

    I love this channel …
    I love this channel, TalkMusicBiz!
    YouTube has shown us how many VERY talented people are out there that might not know it or that don’t take themselves seriously. They might have no intention of taking it beyond sitting on there bed and belting out a few tunes. I find that very refreshing and real. If someone is good enough, I’ve seen commenters ask them to make a CD ,that they would buy. If something is worth buying, it sells itself.

  23. moorcll says:

    well, i agree with …
    well, i agree with that. if your intent is to use the songs to make money and you do not have an agreement with the record label or artist, you’re violating copyright laws.

  24. TalkMusicBiz says:

    It really has to do …
    It really has to do with the intent of the post. In short: If you do a cover song and you re-direct the viewer to go visit your site off YT and your selling services or products, that where you get hammered. But if you’re just having fun….you slide.

  25. BreaLoveARThopeace says: