Latest Home Based Affiliate Business Idea: Web Link Marketing

One of the best, and newest, home based affiliate marketing tactics is called a replicating web site. Many farsighted affiliate companies offering a home business opportunity provide Internet marketing to its distributors in this brand new way. Before replicating Web sites the primary income driver for these distributors, and their primary Internet marketing tactic for their home business, were the product and compensation plans. Now, it’s the replicating Web site, which enhances the distributor’s efforts at duplication and viral marketing. With these sites, the distributor can build national or even global distributor organizations for her or his Internet home business.

The first step in creating the massive downlines by means of the replicating Web site is for the company to develop its own corporate Web site. This corporate site should include the history of the firm, information about all its products and services, the distributor compensation program, and forms for enrollment as an affiliate partner. Anyone should be able, once it’s completed, to go to this site and buy the company products and / or sign up as an affiliate. No live person is needed to complete either transaction.

So, each home business distributor for the sponsoring affiliate company is offered his or her own Internet marketing site. This site links directly to the corporate site. The prospective distributors are sent first to the site of the referring distributor, whose link takes the prospect to the enrollment forms. The home business distributor’s Internet site is now an affiliate marketing opportunity for both product sales and growth of the distributor’s downline of additional distributors.

Once the products are purchased through the e-commerce enabled company site, or the prospect enrolls as an affiliate the referring distributor is notified. With most affiliate companies, the distributor receives an e-mailed notification of every site visit or inquiry. Should something not result in a sale or enrollment, the referring distributor can take action, answering questions, answering objections and hopefully closing the sale.

The one disadvantage to a replicating Web site for someone who wants a home based affiliate business on the Internet is the marketing and content control that the corporation holds. Letting the company maintain this control, however, maintains the branding of the firm and the distributor’s affiliation with its national marketing success. It also leaves the distributor to focus on sales rather than technical oversight.

With an Internet business home replicating site as a marketing opportunity it’s possible to build a large organization of distributors and customers under you without leaving your home office. You don’t need to meet you’re the distributors in your downline or any of your customers. Your replicating Web site does the communicating for you.

Michael Laleye

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