Killuminati Tupac Exposing The illuminati part 20

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Duration : 0:10:3

25 Responses to “Killuminati Tupac Exposing The illuminati part 20”

  1. itsmillyyo says:

    @icemilf u gay …
    @icemilf u gay bitch

  2. moviesilluminatis says:


  3. allanTUPAC says:

    Metal band system …
    Metal band system of a down had to brake up because of the illuminati .presadent kenndy killed by the illuminati.Dmx had to brake up because of the illuminati..jay z is part of the illuminati.i think it was jay z who killed him:S he stole me and my girlfriend of i read in to all of rapping is all about the illuminati.but if i get noticed i’l probs be shot..jesus was killed by the illuminati..FUCK THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thearlkid says:

    @2pakilluminatie …
    @2pakilluminatie no

  5. thearlkid says:

    this would make …
    this would make sense why tupac faked his death

  6. cutiewitabody2 says:

    what if 2pac went …
    what if 2pac went to vegas because he new was probably goin to die remember i quote”im suicidal so dont stand near me my every move is a calculated step to bring me closer to embrace an early theres nothing left.”maybe he was ready to die because he showed us everything we needed to know. just a theory tho think about it

  7. bboytornado says:

    thumbs up if u want …
    thumbs up if u want 2pac movie to be made!

  8. youngblack303 says:

    My nigga Pac was …
    My nigga Pac was onto sum real deep shit, everybody around him and the government set dat nigga up. He was surrounded by fukk niggaz & it cost him his life. Lil did they know they did my nigga a favor, he calculated all dat shit. R.I.P. Pac (Da realest nigga 2 eva do it)

  9. 2pakilluminatie says:

    is snoop good?
    is snoop good?

  10. 2pakilluminatie says:

    @tehutiheru how you …
    @tehutiheru how you come on this?

    is this a truth list ! there is more then these people

    the illuminati want hinm dead these people have help them

  11. SweetCocoa69 says:

    the song da evil by …
    the song da evil by jayz if u listen closely hes talkn bout being in the illuminati its deep

  12. bigpactube says:

    @Fieldlife2k10 you …
    @Fieldlife2k10 you can recored it with what ever you have and a usb or use real player etc download type in how to download you tube videos

  13. Fieldlife2k10 says:

    @bigpactube How do …
    @bigpactube How do I re upload videos that I watch?

  14. ErrolDreamer says:

    impressive……… …
    impressive……….now show the ALL SEEING EYE……-Dreamer

  15. ErrolDreamer says:

    I appreciate all …
    I appreciate all these uploads you’ve done it has certainly changed the way see I things but lets be honest No matter whats going on behind the light of perception we will never know the truth we are simply not worthy enough you cant force people to believe what YOU believe TRUTH is an illusion and a never ending process realise that!! Be MATURE and RESPONSIBLE for your work if you want people to listern to you-Dreamer

  16. jamerfunk says:

    part 19 is blocked …
    part 19 is blocked in uk. Says a copyright infringement from Channel 4 TV.

  17. tehutiheru says:

    1. Quincey Jones
    2. …

    1. Quincey Jones
    2. Russell Simmons
    3. Sean Puffy Combs
    4. Sean Jay Z Carter
    5. Jacques ” Haitian Jack” Agnant
    6. Wyclef Jean “Haitian Jacks Nephew”
    7. Suge Knight
    8. Todd “LL COOL J” Smith
    9. Jimmy Henchmen of Henchmen Entertainment.
    the list goes on But these are tha MAIN PEOPLE on the List of getting Tupac Killed.

  18. fortyfiv3jerkin says:

    ____ …

  19. jacktls26 says:

    i hear tupac
    i hear tupac

  20. neyney831 says:

    whats the song that …
    whats the song that starts @ 6:09?

  21. Sabayla says:

    wtf. the illuminati …
    wtf. the illuminati killed him of course it aint gon be solved publicly or some because the media is the illuminati

  22. Sabayla says:

    Getting someone to …
    Getting someone to kill you purposely wanting to die is just like commiting suicide.

  23. lloydbanks17ani says:

    the more u know.. …
    the more u know..the dangerous u become…

  24. airflyunit23 says:

    hope you dont get …
    hope you dont get caught in your sleep, you gotta be real not just be moved by it a few times then back to the bull#”!!

  25. airflyunit23 says:

    you are right about …
    you are right about that