Jewelry Making Parties / Home Based Business Opportunity

This is an edited down version of the Michigan Entrepreneur show that Designed By You was featured on. We discuss in-home jewelry design parties and home based business opportunities. Designed By You is located in Royal Oak, MI (248) 544-6392

Duration : 0:8:41

5 Responses to “Jewelry Making Parties / Home Based Business Opportunity”

  1. Truthnadv1 says:

    I really liked your …
    I really liked your video and your channel. to get your business exposed. I have a program that has boosted my business to the top of the internet. I promise this is not a mlm, pyramid scheme, or how to make money on ebay. Please take a look at my channel and videos, thanks can’t wait to hear from ya.

  2. kevinMLM says:


    I really …

    I really connected with your message today. Keep up the good work.

    Just remember to surround yourself with a positive community of knowledgable people that you can learn from and vice versa and build relationships with.

    By doing this, you will create FAR MORE success for youself.

    Stay growing,


  3. Earn7KaWeek says:

    Awesome video, keep …
    Awesome video, keep ’em commin!

  4. beverlyzz says:

    Great info. for …
    Great info. for people who love to create and love jewelry.

  5. WALLNLEO says:

    Great content! …
    Great content! Great Video!
    Check mine out!