Jan Irvin – Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana Part 2

Jan Irvin is the co founder of Gnostic Media — — and co author of The Pharmacratic Inquisition DVD. He is also the founder of, and the author of The Holy Mushroom, Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity.

In this radio interview with Mike Chambers of TNR — — Jan discuses the advantages of Industrial Hemp and how Marijuana could help rescue the US economy, diminish our fuel costs, and save our planet!

What would you say if you just found out today that Marijuana was one of the most useful plants on the planet?

These clips reveal what you won’t learn on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, or CBC or other mainstream media outlets.

Did you know that Marijuana, properly known as Hemp, could as a raw material, save the US economy? This has nothing to do with smoking weed, but using it for building material, clothing, soap, paint, fuel, paper, plastic, dynamite, etc. In fact, Marijuana is the world’s #1 sustainable, renewable resource for the overall majority of the world’s industry needs.

Hemp used for fuel could be grown on 6 to 10% of arable land in the US and supply all of our country’s energy needs. But you won’t hear George Bush and his cronies discussing the truth about 9/11 while waging war in the Middle East over oil, while at the same time waging war on US citizens in the War on Drugs. We could end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan today, because they were never about terrorism. We wouldn’t need future wars in Iran if we could use Hemp at home today.

This should be today’s headline news! Why aren’t we being told that our energy and industry could be supplied by a weed? Here is America’s free energy source, and it comes from a seed.

Learn why Jack Herer is offering $100,000 for anyone to prove this information wrong.

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9 Responses to “Jan Irvin – Cannabis / Hemp / Marijuana Part 2”

  1. goodndite says:

    Yea, I can’t smoke …
    Yea, I can’t smoke it either Cliner. I frankly can’t stand the stuff. Heart races and pounds like crazy and like a full blown anxiety attack. And those are not purely mental effects as I hear so many sayinf. It’s physical/body chemistry issue. I agree not everyone is sutied to it. Has no good effects on me whatsoever. However, even with that being the case, I know it does not do that to everyone so I think it ought to be legalized and those who choose to use it and like it, can.

  2. Cliner98 says:

    I fully believe …
    I fully believe that it should be lgalized. On the other hand, one must realize that not everuone can smoke weed. Some peoples’ chemistry is just not suited to it and can have nearly violent reactions to it. I don’t mean they become violent, I mean the side effects are so negative as to be nearly violent. I used to smoke it regularly years back, quit for around 6 years and now find that I cannot smoke it. Not a mental thing either, it defenitely is a phsyical/nervous system bad reaction to it.

  3. AEJAVITAS says:

    you mean federal …
    you mean federal reserve notes.. Lincoln printed “greenbacks” and was assassinated for it..

  4. cortezforever says:

    I had a feeling …
    I had a feeling someone was going to say that…

  5. nobodyslaw says:

    Greenback dollars …
    Greenback dollars are 24% hemp paper.
    Back in the ’90s, I used to stamp all my ones and tens with the “I GREW HEMP” dialoge baloon. In green/black ink!
    I think I’ll get them stamps back out. I’m so glad Hemp, the Humans plant, still has good people fighting for reason and sanity!

  6. verminslayer says:

    Right on dude. They …
    Right on dude. They claim that drug traficking supports Terrorism, mean while the CIA brings in the largest amount of Heroin, and cocaine regularly. OIL supports terrorism and they just love ripping us off at the pump. But I have to correct you on one thing: Marijuana and Hemp are not excatly the same thing. Marijuana and Hemp are both CANNABIS plants. We have to push for Legalization of CANNABIS, not just marijuana and not just hemp.

  7. MyNmae134679 says:

    Cannabis was …
    Cannabis was growing in North America for thousands if not millions of years before the Europeans showed up. It grows over most of the world.

    The Native Americans were already smoking Cannabis when the Europeans came over. All the Explorers did was introduce their own Europe homegrown.

    Just to correct a few things. Other than that I love the interview.

  8. silversobe says:

    “Some of my finest …
    “Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see”
    -Thomas Jefferson 1781


  9. BeyondChange says: