is there actually a home based internet business out there that you can make a living at or are they just bs?

every one i look up seems to be a scam or full of crap. Would like something i can do part time while im not at work. would rather not get another second job. Please let me know if anyone has found a legitimate one. preferably one where you don’t have to pay a fortune to get started.

The only one that you can do 100% from home (that I’ve come across) is Ameriplan. This involves major network marketing and placing ads, plus you will need to do follow-up phone calls.

It’s a great opportunity to create residual income, and it’s a service/product that is widely needed today.

I tried it, but unfortunately, I’m not so good with the network marketing. I stopped the business, but I kept the service/product.

Check ’em out. (this is one of my "uplines".

Also, you can always check with the DSA (Direct Selling Association) to see if a company you are checking into is legit. If you don’t see the company listed, contact the DSA for advice.

I am currently sellins Scentsy, and It’s the easiest thing I’ve done next to Avon (and the commissions are much better than Avon).

Good luck with your search.

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  1. ibu guru says:

    They are all worse than bs. The only ways to make money working at home are:

    – arrange with your current employer to telecommute, at least part of the time. Assuming you can do your type of work from home, and you boss allows it.

    – start your own home-based business.
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  2. kemperk says:

    what do you love to do?

    research that and find a way to earn $ at it.

    and why necessarily involve the internet?
    clean houses,
    wash cars /clothes
    care for kids

    a million more; one will be JUST what you LOVE TO DO

    [the rule is; find an UNMET need and fill it AFTER you find
    out what you love to do.]
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    biz teacher

  3. Sokol says:

    There are lots of different ways you can earn money on the Internet and so effectively have your own home-based business. So rather than look for a company that will offer you menial work to perform online why not look to see how you can put your skills and knowledge to use on the Internet and generate an income.

    And you don’t have to pay a fortune to get started either. You will need certain tools and resources but many of these can be obtained free or for a very small fee. Then, as you start to make money you can upgrade the tools you use.

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  4. satyashivashankar says:


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