Is the MLM Business Opportunity Better Off Worked at Home or What?

Having a MLM (aka Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing and Direct Selling) business is a potentially lucrative and legitimate way to have your own home based business.

By selling your products or services directly to the consumer while create your own downline, you can have your own home based MLM business from home, part time and at your own hours. Even though there is a potential to make an extreme amount of money you still need to decide if having a MLM home based business is for you.

A lot of people don’t see all the benefits of being in Multi Level Marketing when determining if this industry is for them. For starters you don’t need a degree or any experience to get started with your own home based business.

Generally the products are dropped shipped straight to your customers. Meaning, the product is made somewhere and the company ships it, for you, to your customers. In fact many MLM home based business opportunities are worked by those who want to work in the comfort of their own home.

There are many other benefits from which your MLM home based business opportunity can offer you. One of the best benefits is you can earn commissions from a single effort. You don’t need to come up with marketing plans or business plans because it is all done for you. Training and recruiting systems are also generally provided to you by the company.

While there are many benefits with MLM home businesses, they also come with some down falls.

For the most part you are selling. You need to have pretty thick skin because a lot of people will tell you “No”. It takes someone who can “love the no’s”. And someone who has a lot of effort.

To make the most money you do need to constantly bring in new blood to your organization. You must constantly recruit new IBOs (Independent Business Owners). You may also be required to purchase a minimum amount of products every month.

Have a home based business works from some but for others it takes a lot of motivation and discipline. And you can’t be easily distracted. Before you decide to start a home based business make sure you get all the information to make an educated decision.

If you have a lot of motivation, have a lot of energy and are a self-starter then that’s a great start! If you also have leadership skills and are goal orientated then having an MLM, Multi-Level Marketing just might be for you.

People who have a MLM home based business are self starters and have people skills. They can influence people easily and have powers of persuasion. An MLM business opportunity is an ideal trade to run on the Internet and work from your home. If you have the personality to run this type of business, then it could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Just make sure you watch out for MLM scams and do your research before joining. Then take advantage of the MLM opportunities that await you. Try working at home and see how well it suits you.

Dale Thomas

9 Responses to “Is the MLM Business Opportunity Better Off Worked at Home or What?”

  1. Eloise M says:

    What is a real good home based business/job opportunity?
    I want to work from home but I am tired of the scams. I want a home based business/job that is registered with the better business bureau

  2. christylovestoys says:

    Hello! You can try Discovery Toys. They offer educational toys, books, games, and music for children of all ages, especially those with special needs such as Autism. They help you make money while making a difference! There are many avenues to sell such as online, fairs, daycares, schools, waiting rooms, etc and lots of support. No hidden fees. Sign up and get 14 toys for $99 with no obligation to sell and no monthly quotas. 20% of sales is your commission. The toys have an extremely good reputation. Discovery Toys has been around for 30 years. All the products are lead free and come with a lifetime guarantee! If you are interested please check out my website. Thanks!
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  3. RaffiTheMaster says:

    you can work for in home support services, but there are many jobs in the homes.

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  4. KEITH C says:

    I distribute documentaries and have a total of nearly 70 titles books and movies. I use these in two ways. First as a distributor I want these seen and read first and foremeost. They are cutting edge and attempt to answer hard questions Americans and people the world over are asking about what in the hell is going on in this country. Secondly as such I give them to my affiliates in MammothList to copy and give/send to their affiliates.
    The site is here it costs $12 and you get the works. There is a seperate site that I use that you can access for additional information I’ll even throw in a free Star Trek Transporter Chamber to the next 10 people to sign up.
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  5. TbandiT says:

    This is a home based business opportunity. This company has been around for 36 yrs and is publicly traded on the NYSE. It has the potential to provide you with long term passive income and is unlimited in how much you want to expand it. This opportunity is not for everyone but if you are interested in seeing some information and details go to
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    money magazine, PPD on the NYSE, Forbes magazine, TEK Enterprises CEO Tim Casbohm

  6. Gina A says:

    Go to its a directory of legit companies registered with the BBB you can look each one up yourself they hire people to work from home. The are also other business opportunitites listed on the site.
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  7. Charlie says:

    they are all scams.. beter to stay away…
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  8. mariell says:

    American companies are looking for people to work from home. We have published a directory for over 14 years of companies looking people who want to work from home. Because we have been publishing this directory for so long we have weeded out the bad companies and only list honest, reputable companies. There are over 75 companies listed in the directory. We have a 90 day money back guarantee if your not happy with thie directory. Please see our website for all the details:
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  9. Tuffy A says:

    might wanna read before trying affiliate marketing. home business time frame 30 days.
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