I am looking for a home based business opportunity. Does anyone know of a good one?

Profesional organizer.

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  1. god'sprincess says:

    Profesional organizer.
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  2. lucymarie14 says:

    Housesitter (dog/cat sitter), Mary Kay, AtHome America, PartyLite, Tupperware…the list is almost endless. The first would be something you would be in complete control of–the latter would have more help for you. First you need to determine your interests–do you like to talk to people? Are you able to sell? Could you give up time on your holidays to take care of other peoples homes/pets? Good Luck!
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  3. TC in Dallas says:

    Go to my site if interested, request an interview. This is an actual business, so there is some work involved as far as marketing
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  4. nuwavegrp says:

    The best home based business is one that you are passionate about — you should first decide what it is you are interested in and then seek out companies that offer a similar opportunity. There are a lot of scams out there, so be sure to perform thorough research before committing to anything. Best wishes on your search…
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  5. psychic-junkie says:

    This comes with a Money Back Guarantee:

    Find the type of business on the link below that best describes what it is that YOU do (or want to do). Then see how to truly use the Net to make your specific business (or business idea) thrive.

    Or check out their new video tour

    It works for me. As an example, take a look at how I use the above. Then see if you can fit something similar around your own area of expertise. Then all you need is a passion and some persistence. This page links you to all the resources I use.
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  6. jarsoflight1 says:

    I am a distributor for Mia Bella Gourmet Soy Candles and I would love to share this business opportunity with you. With the holidays coming up, its candle season!
    Visit my website at and email me for more info.
    Best to you!
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  7. Avis Brown says:

    Stay away from Cash Create and other survey Web sites!

    It’s a waste of time and will cause you unhappiness.

    If you choose to get suckered in and sign up to take surveys and receive free trials considered you were warned. The minute you give them your credit card and personal information you have now opened your computer to unwanted cookies on your hard drive, annoying pop-up windows and if you are on a PC you open your computer to viruses that can wipe you out.
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  8. william m says:

    One of the first things I would recommend that you do is start thinking about your interests/passions… and go into an internet business that is based on that. Why? Because it makes the work a lot easier.

    Answering the following questions should help you develop ideas:

    1) what websites do you visit when you’re just surfing online?
    2) do you have pets?
    3) do you play and sports?
    4) do you collect anythings?
    5) do you have any specialized education?

    See what I mean….

    After that,you’ve got to decide the business model that you want to use – do you want to develop you own product or do you want to be an affiliate marketer (market other peoples products)?

    Then you’ve got to learn basic skills such as building and uploading websites, setting up autoresponders, setting up a merchant account to take orders, etc.

    And then, probably the most important part… you have got to learn how to market you business.

    If your interested in starting up your own internet business, then I would like to recommend the following great resource:

    This program shows you, step-by-step, how to create a sucessful online busines. But, what is unique about this, is that the creator of the program also provides you with a special hotline, so that you have one-on-one assistance at anytime.

    If your interested in affiliate marketing (marketing other people’s products/services) then you’ll want grab a copy of this book –

    If your interested in joining an existing internet business, then I would recommend SFI Marketing Group ( I would recommend that you join this opportunity either way because 1) its Free and 2) you’ll learn a lot through their training.

    Anyways, I hope this helps… and I wish you much success.

    For more information, you can try out the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs –
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  9. Lori M says:

    I have (3) business opportunities that are all great. – This business is easy and can be a sideline project. This is a web hosting business that offers website and 10 e-mail addresses that you own for a whole $10.00 per month. Now that’s cheap. But the quality of service and the website tools and templetes are great, or you can import your own site and the cost remains the same. There is a free trail on this opportunity right now. Check it out! – Webucation – Personal Development & Wealth Creation Programs. This is a distributorship that has amazing e-learning opportunities. These products work and are amazing. I have them and they have really changed my life (Fianncially and Personally) Did you know that $8.9 Billion dollars was spent on Personal Development program last year and is growing drastically> Check this website out for more info. – Excellent Personal Development Program that offers so much for so little. I have this program as well and it to has assist with my life. This business opportunity has so much to offer. They have a compensation plan that is truly amazing, a Master Marketing System that assist you with all your marketing needs and more, full training and support by qualified advisors and associates. Great Financial Opportuntiy with this aswll.

    Ihope these websites help! If youhave questions I suggest that yuo visit the websites then call the owners of opportuntiy4more for further information. They are great people that have had great success with all these businesses.
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  10. says:

    Please click on

    You will see how easy it is to make a substantial income with no experience and no guess work. A revolutionary software allows you to "SET IT AND FORGET IT".
    Make sure you fill out the survey and watch the two short movies.

    This is the most amazing business opportunity I have ever seen. NO PRODUCTS TO SELL!!
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  11. kelbell says:

    Mary Kay is an awesome home based business. It’s the #1 brand of skin care and color cosmetics in the US. All products are 100% guaranteed and it’s consumable so re-orders are a big part of your business. There are no territories and no quotas so you are able to do as much or as little as you want. You make 50% of everything you sell and if you decide to recruit and build a team you also make a commission off of what they order from the company. The company treats all of their consultants very well and because the product has been around for so long the product is very easy to sell.
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  12. Mexico4me says:

    There are so many opportunities out there, you just have to choose which field you are interested in.
    I have chosen one in the health and wellness industry for many reasons. One, it is becoming a trillion dollar industry and even though anyone can use this product, it is particularly attractive to the baby boomers who are really looking for health and anti-aging. We market only one product that is showing outstanding results, so your warm market is practically endless.
    Barring that, you are offered free leads with this company and they are all pre-qualified as either looking for a business opportunity or health product, sometimes both.
    What I appreciate the most about this one, is it has eliminated all of the usual obstacles associated with network marketing by offering cutting edge tools, as well as top notch training and mentoring. Anyone can do it, and build a lucrative business very quickly.
    Contact me if you would like to know more.
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  13. crski says:

    I’ve tried many so called "opportunities" in the past in which I had to pay money to get involved only to find out that I had to give more money to stay involved.

    I have been involved with this company about a month and I like it very much. There are NO sign-on, enrollment, maintenance, or other hidden fees at all. That’s very impressive to me. I finally found a company that gives you free enrollment, free website, free accounting software, and free support.

    If your interested in this rare opportunity, please e-mail me and I will set you up today and you can start your business today.
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  14. emmettgolf says:

    If you want an online business try one of these: They are legit, free, and the companies have been around for a long time. You can start now.

    Ameriplan also has a type of home business that people make money at. Cash crate and other survey and click to earn deals are not businesses.
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  15. mary h says:

    If you want home based business,see this website you willbe clear about your question
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  16. Alchemist says:

    The thing to consider when joining an online affiliate program is not just the product itself (which of course you should be passionate about) but the framework in which you sell it.

    The trouble with a lot of online businesses is that it takes time to build a level of trust – essential if you’re going to sell anything on the Internet.

    This is where most people starting out go wrong and the very reason 95% of people marketing products online fail. Basically they spend more time and money on advertising than they ever make – not a good recipe for a business.

    I would suggest finding a product then selling it through a good system. A system designed to pay its own way while you grow the business. In all my years of Internet Marketing I have only found one good system that delivers on its promise. That is, of course if you follow the correct steps…
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