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Writing and submitting quality articles with good content is a great way to generate traffic to your website. is one of the leading article submission sites. Get your articles read, generate free traffic to your website, and create valuable backlinks to your website or blog by posting on the populat article sites. This tutorial teaches you the basics in submitting an article. There are numerous article submission sites and they all vary from site to site, but the basics are very similar in how to submit your article. This is an excellent free method to create valuable content and contribute it to the internet marketing community. Interested subscribers will read your content and visit your other opportunities to find out more. The topics and subjects to write on are limitless. Just find a subject area that you are passionate about and compose an article consisting of 400 to 800 words or three to seven paragraphs filled with good content and value about your topic. Do some keyword research and load your article with longtail keywords and keyword rich content so that the search engines will spider your article and give you a higher page ranking. Bloggers will use your articles on their blogs which further increases your web exposure and of course it is mandatory for them to include and keep your links in tact.
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