How To Start Your Internet or Ebay Business Part 1 Sellers Permit

How To Make Your Ebay Business Part 1 I hope you guys enjoy it. My Webpage is http://WWW.RVIX.COM
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23 Responses to “How To Start Your Internet or Ebay Business Part 1 Sellers Permit”

  1. boredtodelusionFan says:

    @davidbonill Thanks
    @davidbonill Thanks

  2. davidbonill says:

    @boredtodelusionFan …
    @boredtodelusionFan No you dont, you can sell on ebay without a sellers permit, but if you want to have access to distributor prices then you need a sellers permit.

  3. boredtodelusionFan says:

    do you need a …
    do you need a seller’s permit to sell random items on Ebay that you find at a flea market, garage sale, or swap meet? [ like a pocket knife, ceramic pot, a vintage calculator, etc…]

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  7. alexmic9 says:

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  8. davidbonill says:

    @letyparedes Well i …
    @letyparedes Well i get views and im also building relationships trough trust. Im glad you like my videos. Good luck!

  9. letyparedes says:

    Thank you David I …
    Thank you David I loved ur video because ur not trying to sell anything ur doing this to help anybody out there trying to me a buck. Congrats!

  10. davidbonill says:

    @SuedElf probablye …
    @SuedElf probablye same rules, you need to look for what office gives the seller permits.

  11. davidbonill says:

    @aowynsimon you are …
    @aowynsimon you are welcome

  12. davidbonill says:

    Im not sure, i …
    Im not sure, i think so, since u have a permit to operate as a business, but i would ask to ur stateboard of equalization in order to get out of anyh doubts.

  13. mcoley072788 says:

    do I need a sellers …
    do I need a sellers permit if i have business license? as well as registered as an LLC?

  14. aowynsimon says:


  15. jeffdeanbiz says:

    Nice video!
    Nice video!

  16. bonan23 says:

    Hello brother… …
    Hello brother… god job!

  17. SuedElf says:

    What about Camada?
    What about Camada?

  18. davidbonill says:

    If you dont live on …
    If you dont live on california you need to call to the stateboard of equilization of your location.

  19. flashback1234 says:

    You can get it for …
    You can get it for cheap on Ebay it’s self!! if you have luck you bid on a cheap one and cell it for a lot more. But you have to have some luck. In Europe canon has a outlet store on Ebay where you can get camera’s, printers, video camera’s for supercheap! I got my Powershot S5 for 200 euro’s. When I was in the states I saw that one in wallmarkt for $350!! Maybe that’s a place to start. Ebay outlet stores.

  20. p0o9l8 says:

    dude call your …
    dude call your county office thats up to you not this guy

  21. nathanalaneller says:

    what if you don’t …
    what if you don’t live in calforna? Do you still need a permit?
    I live in Indiana.

  22. dimpols0 says:

    Thank you so much …
    Thank you so much for the information. I’ve been in sales for over 22 years and ebay is the perfect opportunity for me. I appreciate how you helped be get started. I just got my FEIN
    number which is the Federal Employer Identification number so I can pay my taxes. I use to have a Go Daddy account but I let it expire for my web page. Keep up the good work.

  23. AngelMiami says:

    Good job bro!
    Good job bro!