How to make a Craigslist Image Based Ad Clickable
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an image based ad clickable. No longer will folks click your ad and be directed to PhotoBucket.

Duration : 0:4:41

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  1. markbradleyvideos says:

    I am thankful to …
    I am thankful to have seen this video. Great one! thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. KDS2763 says:

    Thank You, Thank …
    Thank You, Thank You & Thank You!!
    You are the man!!!

  3. scrappyjax75 says:

    Love this! THanks …
    Love this! THanks so much!

  4. dave33304 says:

    Exactly what I was …
    Exactly what I was looking for. I read and read about it but it just would not stick. Watched your two videos and in ten minutes, it’s 100% understood! Thanks so much for spending the time to post these videos. GREAT JOB, GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  5. sgk1062 says:

    How to post a video?
    How to post a video?

  6. quadsandbikes says:

    thanks D,you are …
    thanks D,you are tha Man !!!!

  7. sunflowers4me77 says:


  8. sheilovealways says:

    Thank you Sir!
    Thank you Sir!

  9. msrkyle1 says:

    Works perfect! …
    Works perfect! Thanks man!

  10. fastlendersnow says:

    “Hey I enjoyed your …
    “Hey I enjoyed your videos, they are a head of the game,

  11. DENNISLEITON1 says:

    thanks derik tonigh …
    thanks derik tonigh i have learn how to place images in craigslist and backpage and i was able to correct the link going to my website , very helpful!! thanks

  12. pokedude6712 says:

    emm i didnt get …
    emm i didnt get anything !
    Can you do a simpler one with subtitles plz!

  13. MonaLisaNino says:

    Derik, love you man …
    Derik, love you man! Thank you for the tutorial. I’m looking forward to more. Have a problem with being flagged ALL THE TIME. Can you please tell me how to avoid that to keep my ads up. Have more questions but this one is a big one right now. thanks.

  14. edtrau says:

    Thanks so much ! I …
    Thanks so much ! I have been learning from you a lot ! I really appreciate you helping out !! I have put a few of the techniques you teach here into practice and they work like a charm 🙂 Thanks Derik great job !

  15. stacyy3 says:

    Your voice is hot 😀
    Your voice is hot 😀

  16. gardnerjamesw says:

    Great tutorials! …
    Great tutorials! did CL change the rules so you are not allowed to do this anymore?

  17. deriktutt says:

    @ladyserenity5 Haha …
    @ladyserenity5 Haha I hear ya. Your schooling will be very valuable to you. Good luck in all you do.

  18. deriktutt says:

    @mkagmarketing …
    @mkagmarketing Thanks for following. Let me know if there’s anything else I should teach.

  19. deriktutt says:

    @mbaum101 Thanks …
    @mbaum101 Thanks for the nice comment. Piece of cake huh?

  20. deriktutt says:

    @ …
    @islandgirllove2fete Dueces back at ya!!!

  21. deriktutt says:

    @fatnav57 I try to …
    @fatnav57 I try to be detailed with things to make them easy to understand. I’m glad I could help you out. Take care.

  22. deriktutt says:

    @bbpilipinasworld …
    @bbpilipinasworld Iced Coffee, half cream, half cofee and two glazed donuts, extra, extra sugar. Thanks. LOL!!!

  23. bbpilipinasworld says:

    Thank you …
    Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much…if you were here, i would have hugged you so tightly and bought you a coffee, and a doughnut..thank you. It’s been so helpful. More power to you.

  24. fatnav57 says:

    Fantastic – I …
    Fantastic – I looked through about 6 other video tutorials before I found yours and this is the first one that actually showed me how to do it in a way that I could watch and understand.

    Thank you so much

  25. islandgirllove2fete says:

    Oh man, I can’t say …
    Oh man, I can’t say “thank you” enough. Hopefully this will keep my ads from getting ghosted since before I was just posting my url directly in my craigslist ads…they would last for a day that way, but now since i’ve made it a clickable image instead hopefully my post will remain posted, unghosted, and unflagged. Thanks so much! That’s really supercool of you to help out! Dueces! 🙂