How Many People Make Money With an Online Home Based Business

Are you looking to get started with an online home based business? Maybe you are worried about your financial future, or possibly want to make some extra money to help pay your bills. Whatever the case may be you are not the only one looking to get started in an online home based business. There are several advantages a business of this type provides over a traditional business. Let’s consider some of those advantages as well as the type of business many are getting involved with.

The beauty of an online home based business is that it gives you the opportunity to reach out to a customer base that is worldwide. You are no longer geographically limited to your local area. Also, getting your business started online is fast and simple, and usually requires little or no investment.

You can even start an online home based business without going through the hassle of making your own product. I know this was one of the main reasons I got started with it. You can simply join affiliate network sites that allow you to market other people’s products. In exchange for making a sale or generating a lead the merchant will pay you a commission. The best programs to market will even provide you with online marketing materials like banners and sample ads. This type of business is referred to as affiliate marketing.

Many are making thousands of dollar every month with affiliate marketing. In order to achieve these results it is important that you learn the different online marketing methods to get people to visit your assigned website also referred to as your affiliate website.

If you are on a tight budget you can use free marketing methods like article marketing, blogs, and forum marketing. Pay-per-click advertising is also a great marketing method since you can get targeted leads to your website. The key is understanding how to use these methods to get qualifed customers to your website.

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9 Responses to “How Many People Make Money With an Online Home Based Business”

  1. Nia P says:

    What is a good business to have?
    My husband have been saving for a short while and managed to save a couple thousand dollars. Instead of spending it on taking trips or other fun things we decided that we should start some kind of business but we don’t kind of business to start. We first thought about starting a group home but so many people have discouraged us from that because they said that there are so many stipulations. We thought about getting into real estate like renovating houses and reselling them but it either takes a lot of startup money or really good credit. I really not interested in anything that I have to sell because I’m not good at it whether it be online or in person because I couldn’t sell water to a well. Well actually I am already in a business that sells discounted video home phones, cell phones, home security systems, and direct tv but business is kind of slow right now. I even tried selling avon which wasn’t very lucrative for me because like I said I’m not good at selling but their discounts for the sellers are awesome. I’m not interested in those travel agency things because my sister-in-law does that and is not making much money. I even thought about starting a tutoring program but there are already too many many in the small town I live in.

    So my question is, does anyone know a good business to start that will bring in a decent income that has nothing to do with the internet or selling? And I say ‘that has nothing to do with the internet’ because 99.9% of internet based businesses involve selling something. We are at the end of our rope with ideas. Right now we are starting to lean toward a daycare.

  2. Shelby says:

    I started looking online for jobs I could do from home and found some great places. I have made a list of places that I have used (only free ones), I know they’re all legit because I don’t list them until I’ve been paid by them. Nothing to lose by looking, it’s free to get started. You can see my list and details on these places at
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  3. Mark K says:

    yeah i hear you on the selling part I own a couple of businesses and I hate doing the selling part. I let my service and product sell itself and if the customer of my product referers me to another customer and they buy it I give money back and I don’t need to sell anything my customers sell it for me
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  4. Victor says:

    Hi there Nia P

    You know some time an opportunity just comes and falls on your lap. It is for you to grab it. Look, I understand your predicament.

    For me, the best business is one that meets the needs of the people. By that I mean do not go into business just to make money; but rather to help solve a problem the people around you might be having.

    A good business, then, would be in food, you know, light meals, or coffee, or some kind of drinks. I promise you, with food, you can never, ever, go wrong!

    I hope this helps

    Best Regards

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  6. CarlaC52 says:

    Well I was going to say FDI and it does involve selling memberships so I guess that’s out. There’s no shipping of products or quotas though just get people on the memberships that will save them money.
    I wish you the best on the daycare and if you ever need our services to help you save money please let me know.
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  7. Christina says:

    A Pet-sitting business or dog-walking service is a really good venture if you love animals. I would contact the local vet board regarding issues such as proper protocols (ie: pet vaccine requirements, santitary concerns) and also what kind of licensing/insurance you might need.
    Good luck, hope you find something you love!
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