Hooking Up: role play, online dating, arguing and home-wrecking

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Duration : 0:3:11

21 Responses to “Hooking Up: role play, online dating, arguing and home-wrecking”

  1. Lion3doll says:

    ‘ i set up the DnD …
    ‘ i set up the DnD table’ XDDDD thats awesome

  2. sillylilshani says:

    i so identify with …
    i so identify with the last guy!

  3. yozillaproductions says:

    I’m trying to get …
    I’m trying to get my dating video out there. Check it out on my channel!

  4. UnknownDoomChild says:

    Lesson learned? …
    Lesson learned? Never argue with a girl. Unless you are another girl

  5. M3iscool says:

    “Oh, you’re back …
    “Oh, you’re back with his a**”

  6. tigress3333 says:

    I love Tommy Ryman
    I love Tommy Ryman

  7. GacktTheone27 says:

    so true abt the …
    so true abt the love joke…im so with roy wood jr. XD yea stay at home god it !! dont flaunt ur love…

  8. crzystve42 says:

    12 for 12, i ruin …
    12 for 12, i ruin happiness!

  9. JNdigital says:

    OH so I see you’re …
    OH so I see you’re back wit his now!!

  10. tigress3333 says:


  11. shanaandshane says:

    try not to pick …
    try not to pick your whole face off

  12. HaxxorsProduction says:

    roy wood jr. ftw lol
    roy wood jr. ftw lol

  13. NarutoXHinataXForeve says:

    i love roy wood x]
    i love roy wood x]

  14. pimpinnevaslipin says:

    12 for 12 . . i …
    12 for 12 . . i ruin happiness. . lmao


  15. xblakeslady says:

    omg relax?
    Like …

    omg relax?
    Like you’ve never up one word?
    Get a life ..

  16. PrinceVice says:

    STFU, shut the …
    STFU, shut the up.
    it was ONE letter you mother “FIREMAGEk17″ like we don’t already know how much of a loser you are -_- …”firemagek17”

  17. firemagekl7 says:

    Learn to spell

    Learn to spell

  18. PrinceVice says:

    its a spelling …
    its a spelling error, you homo -_-

  19. firemagekl7 says:

    its back dumbass
    its back dumbass

  20. earthmagekl7 says:

    oh so u back wit …
    oh so u back wit his ass

  21. PrinceVice says:

    omfg, “u pack with …
    omfg, “u pack with his ass” lol ima try that one day =)