Home Decorating Ideas – – You already know I’m a gadget freak. You also know I like really cool and unusual things. Probably the most awesome things that I have bought recently all came from Etsy, from a user named ForkedUpArt. I thought the iPhone holder, I picked up some of the other pieces, as well!

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13 Responses to “Home Decorating Ideas”

  1. leepetersonuk says:

    good spot, Ive just …
    good spot, Ive just ordered an iPhone stand

  2. xXZarlachXx says:

    That would fit …
    That would fit perfect in the kitchen

  3. pantherpawz says:

    His imac is still …
    His imac is still there it just has a black cover on it.

  4. sharpmarker108 says:

    what happened to …
    what happened to his imac

  5. MrNoucfeanor says:

    Watching your …
    Watching your videos with the captioning is a completely different experience! XD

  6. treed98 says:

    @214noe I like it, …
    @214noe I like it, and its spelled taste fool. i dont think i can trust a fools opinion if he cant even spell.

  7. msaqlain says:

    @214noe Lol, …
    @214noe Lol, someone don’t know how to spell “taste”…:D

  8. Ravlor88 says:

    Nice iPhork.
    Nice iPhork.

  9. andymate2006 says:

    Cool iphone holder. …
    Cool iphone holder. I want one. I might get one when I get some money.

  10. MrLuhjit says:

    Hmm… why isn’t …
    Hmm… why isn’t the couple spooning?

  11. SharkerBros says:


  12. 214noe says:

    @dornerd You …
    @dornerd You consider that art? Bad teast…

  13. bokocrew says:

    lol awesome 😛
    lol awesome 😛