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Now that almost everyone has the potential to access relatively low-cost and high performance connectivity technology like dedicated, high speed internet access and wireless capabilities, the interest in working at home, home based business opportunities and making money online from all kinds of people from all walks of life has never been higher.

There is good reason that these home based business opportunities appeal to such a wide range of people. For one, working at home is a convenient option for many people. Some people (stay at home moms, part-time employees or full-time students are some good examples) are looking for a good and flexible way they can get involved with making money online or start to develop multiple income streams. Almost everyone has a computer and working at home with home based business opportunities geared towards making money online means that almost anyone, regardless of their schedule, experience level or the amount of time they can devote to working at home can get involved at some level to access residual income or multiple income streams.

While there is a lot to get excited about when it comes to home based business opportunities and the possibility of making money online, there is also plenty to be wary of. There are legitimate opportunities out there for hard working, enterprising individuals, but unfortunately there are also plenty of these same working at home business opportunities advertised on the Internet that aren’t exactly completely above board. That’s why it’s always important to do some preliminary research to check out the home based business opportunities you’re interested in before you invest either your money or your time in them, which can help you differentiate the legitimate home based business opportunities and the genuine potential for residual income or multiple income streams from the scams that are just out to swindle you by selling you snake oil or get you to perform free advertising for them.

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  1. SeneWife says:

    Advice on Business Opportunities for Stay at Home and New Moms?
    I will be giving birth to my first child about six months from now. Currently, I work in an office full time but of course in a couple of months I will not be able to. I am trying to brainstorm a few ideas for work from home business opportunities to supplement my income during my maternity leave (and possibly beyond). Anyone in my boat? Any ideas?

  2. learnvisalus says:

    There are a lot of good business opportunities. If you truly want to be a business owner and learn the skills that it takes to be a business owner then you seriously need to check out network marketing. It is "The Perfect Business" according to Robert Kiyosaki. I have started multiple businesses and bought businesses also. I have never had a J.O.B. in my life and I am 28 years old. This is the best and lowest cost way to get into a business for yourself. One of the biggest advantages to this type of business is the type of people that you get to associate with. Have you heard the saying "Birds of feather flock together"? Well it is so true. And with network marketing you will have the opportunity to hang out with other successful and like minded people.

    Not only can you learn a lot by joining a network marketing company, you can also make a really good income. And it’s passive income which makes it even better. The cool thing about it is that it is really up to you on how much you want to make. If you only need a couple hundred bucks a month then you can do that. If you want to make ten thousand a month, you can do that. If you want to make a hundred thousand a MONTH, you can do that. It is up to you.

    So as a business owner and investor I believe that network marketing is the best and lowest cost way to get into business for yourself. Notice I said for yourself not by yourself. You will have a team that will mentor and train you on the skills that you will need to know to be successful.
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  3. Fiona B says:

    I agree with many of the answers so far. Starting a direct selling business is one of the least costly way to start a business that can be profitable within 30 days. Of course you have to put the work into it. Many people expect to get in and make money without putting in the work. The key to success is finding something that you are passionate about where you will stay the course when things get tough. You will have ups and downs in this industry as with any business venture. I am involved in a telecomunnucations and technology business that I find very rewarding. If you would like more information I will be happy to provide it to you. Please send me an email To make an informed decision take a look at multiple companies and go with the one that you feel passionate about.
    Good luck!
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  4. Magda N says:


    I’ve got some suggestions for you..

    FREE Online-Marketing-System:


    Write Reviews about anything (restaurants, hotels, products, internet-sites, etc):

    For a normal review, you’ll get $0.40, just couple of sentences
    For a good one (400-500 words), you’ll get $2.00..

    Good Luck.. ^_^
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  5. A_frustrated_tenant says:

    I can tell you about a great home business opportunity. Do you like scented candles? If so, I’d love to introduce you to Mia Bella Candles. This business is filled with stay at home Moms who wanted to spend more time with their families, but still earn an income. You can start as an Independent Distributor for under $50. You do not need to do parties. We have a smell and sell technique for retailing. Believe me, when you smell these candles, you are hooked. You can earn money through retailing the products, doing fundraisers, and team building. However, unlike other companies, you do not have to build a team to earn a good income. I can provide you with a work at home mom forum with lots of information if you are interested. You can check out the company and the opportunity on my website . My contact information is there as well. I can send you more information and samples of the product if you are interested.
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  6. Bailey's Mom says:

    Before you look at any home business idea, you need to sit down and do an analysis of your skills, talents and interests. Once you have those pinned down, you can start brainstorming ideas based off of these.

    A lot of home business ideas sound wonderful but they may not be suited to your personality, temperament, etc.. Of course, it’s easy to get sucked in because they make it sounds soooo easy.

    Just from the little you’ve said, maybe a virtual assistant business would be good. A lot of times, you can just get active in a forum, find people who trust and like you, and then find clients from there, absolutely free. Even with the recession, va’s are still very much in demand. Good luck!
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  7. kirby0407 says:

    My advice is for you to understand the difference between "work from home" and "home business opportunity". There are a lot of companies on the interenet looking for people who want to work from home. Most of these type offers are for performing some task for them and they pay you accordingly. Some of these companies are legitimate and others are only looking to take your money.

    I reccommend the home business because it’s my business to run as I want to. My income depends on my effort. As I put forth the effort, my income increses accordingly. No effort no income. There are a few expenses to get the business going and this is true of any business you decide to go in to. My advice is to also look for a business opportunity that has "market appeal" and there is a huge demand for your product or service.

    If you would like to get some information about a business that is in an explosive market and offers you support to help your business grow, I suggest you check out this website at
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