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More individuals than ever before are starting a home business. There are some excellent reasons for this happening. Of course, the major reason behind starting a home business at this moment is right in the country’s face. The job market sucks!

But it’s more than just the security of the U.S. job market shrinking on us. More people today can’t count on the economy being stable any more than their own jobs being safe. Everyone want to be more in control of their future and feel financially secure. Starting a home business can be financially rewarding and put you in control.

Becoming an independent and working at home can provide you with many perks that are attractive. There are many people who made their decision by starting a home based business and never looked back. They became their own bosses, called their own shots and thrived working from home.

There are a few hundred thousand network and affiliate marketers who are making very lucrative incomes working on the Internet. The great thing about working online as an independent business owner is that it’s a level playing field. Everyone is afforded the same opportunities as everyone else. The key to financial success as a Internet marketer is what you do with the opportunities afforded you.

Unfortunately, there really are no clear cut answers as to whether starting a home business is right or wrong for you. Everyone is uniquely different. What is good for your neighbor might not be good for you. Affiliate marketing is work. Starting a home business might be appealing to you but if you are not willing to commit to your business, you will certainly fail.

The first thing anyone should do before jumping into starting a home business is to assess your situation. Below are two very important questions to get you started.

1. What is your home based business going to be?

This sounds like a no-brainer but this is something you need to really consider. Ideally, you would want your business to be around something that you can thrive in. Take some time to research what is available, what appeals to you, etc. Make a list of what it will take for you starting a home business.

2. How much time every week are you going to be able to dedicate to your new home business?

You need to be realistic about the time you can actually give over to making your home business a success. All successful MLM and affiliate marketers treat their home business as real jobs because these are real jobs. You are going to be your own boss!

There are many ads online that claim you can make thousands of dollars a day.  “By just working a couple of hours, clicking a couple of buttons. You will grow rich with our guaranteed system!!”

If you really think that you can start a home business and make a lucrative income working just a couple of hours a day, then you are dead wrong. You will never pass go and never collect your two hundred dollars only working a couple of hours per day.

Other considerations:

How does your family feel about you starting a home based business? When you think you have found the right company to affiliate with, how do you know if the company is reputable or not? Is your sponsor going to dedicate time in teaching you the ropes? Etc.

Starting a home business can be a very lucrative and rewarding career for you and your family. But knowing as much as you can about what you are getting into first can save you a lot of unexpected trouble later.

Trevor Balch

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