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Home Based Business, LGN Prosperity,, Contact Roy Ricart at 619-370-7440 or email me at

This video explains the Home Based Business Industry and the importance of getting involved with the right team
if one is to overcome the pitfalls associated with Internet Opportunities and Online Home Based Businesses. LGN
Prosperity and oiur team of Internet Marketers will insure your success through personal and group trainings,
Team Websites and Webinars, Skype Chat Rooms and daily communication with one another. Our Team of “Superstars” enjoy the
benefits of sharing our talents, knowledge, and skills with each other making this THE TEAM to be with to experience
success, learn the ropes so to speak, and how to turn your computer into a money making machine, from the comfort of your
home. Please visit our Websites of which we have several Team Sites for each of the businesses we are involved in.
Multiple streams of income are essential to ones portfolio if one is to amass greagt wealth as any Multi-Millionaire will
attest to. I’ve had the privilege of working with and serving many Multi-Millionaires with my previous businesses and all
of them have one thing in common, Multiple Businesses with the right management teams in place to run their operations
for them. Some of the benefits of Operating a Home Based Business via the Internet is the Leveraging of time by being able
to communicate with the world in seconds and market yourself to the world with the click of the mouse. It is no secret
that there has been many Millionaires made in this venue and our team is enjoying that goal one team mate at a time and
have gained much ground with the TEAM efforts we enjoy daily. Come check us out and see for yourself how quickly anyone,
regardless of their experience, can acheive success with us and the Amazing businesses we have scrutinized and are involved
in and are making money with on a daily basis. Just visit the following site: for further details.

Home Based Business, LGN Prosperity,, Contact Roy Ricart at 619-370-7440 or email me at
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  1. HomeBizCash says:

    Hey Roy
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    Hey Roy
    Great video and business to be in

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    Great …
    Hi Roy,

    Great Video.

    Follow this Mentor they have the right MindSet & a WINNING attitude.

    Well Done 5 Stars.

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    Roy Glad to have you on my team! Awesome Info!

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    You are so right amigo…LGN is the way to go with the right training and knowledge people will make staggering incomes! Roy es el número uno hombre

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    Thanks Nancy…great to have you as a team mate…and value your friendship as well…luv ya kiddo!

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    Great job on the video, Roy! You Rock!