(Herbalife) My Herbalife Story – Review of the Business Opportunity (SCAM)

“Herbalife Review Is it a Scam”
“Herbalife My Herbalife Story Review of the Business Opportunity”

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In this video I share my Herbalife story and talk about my failures and how I was able to come out of that by discovering a little known secret used by only the top leaders in the company. I then share what it is and how I used it to build my business and help make me up to $400 a day online.

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4 Responses to “(Herbalife) My Herbalife Story – Review of the Business Opportunity (SCAM)”

  1. heretohelp1000 says:

    well best of luck …
    well best of luck with the new business man if it doesnt work out for some reason get a hold of me and i will teach you my secrets and explain how our company is producing more $100,000+ earners than any other company…. god bless brotha and best of luck in reaching your dreams/goals!

  2. BulletproofCash says:

    @heretohelp1000 I …
    @heretohelp1000 I agree 100% I’m actually no longer in Herbalife as I agreed with your statement from the beginning. Now I’ve launched my own online marketing system for affiliate marketers.

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. heretohelp1000 says:

    hey man nice vid, …
    hey man nice vid, you are what we are looking for, motivated, wise and can make success via the internet. No disrespect to herbalife at all but you should live your life to the fullest and do it as fast as you can correct ? wwwhavehelpedmillionscom

  4. TiGERCRYZPP says:

    🙂 very cool
    🙂 very cool