Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) Business Presentation …

This video is a company overview for Fortune Hi Tech Marketing. The
presentation is given by National Sales Manager Todd Rowland.

FHTM is a network marketing company like no other. The company
was started by Paul Orberson, and he structured the company to give
back to the representatives in the field. In fact, FHTM pays out
over 90% of its profits back to the reps. Its also geared toward
cleaning up the negative rap the mlm industry has.

Why would companies like DISH NETWORK, CINGULAR, T-MOBILE,
ALL TEL, GENERAL ELECTRIC, and many others align with FHTM?
Because they know that FHTM is the marketing of future. So why
not get a jump on the future and join FHTM today. Part time or full
time you can match your current income in no time.

You make money by doing what you already do. Owning a cell phone,
satelitte, vitamins, home security, etc. If you pay a bill for any of these
things you could be getting paid to have them if you were a FHTM
rep. You also get paid for 1000’s of other people who pay them
too. There’s even a Lexus car program were the companies gives you
a Lexus car.

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