Finally The Secret to Finding Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity

The news is spreading fast about how Global Resorts Network has aligned themselves with one of the most prestigious Private Membership Clubs on earth, bringing you unprecedented benefits. Global Resorts Network has partnered with a 20 yr old Industry Leader, who for over 20 years has sold lifetime luxury memberships in Australia, Asia, parts of Africa and England for up to $14,000, and now Global Resorts Network has this same membership available for online purchase for the lowest price ever witnessed through referral marketing and is providing a ground floor opportunity for people every were to recognize the American dream

But what has been traveling faster around the phone lines and internet is not just the superior value of the membership, but that it is wrapped around a Perpetual Leverage compensation plan. Perpetual Leverage has been noted by many networkers to be the richest, most lucrative compensation plan in the history of network marketing. It was designed by a mathematical genius and this plan pays weekly including all roll-up sales which are $500 to $1,000 commissions to unlimited Depth and unlimited width. To see how Global Resorts Network’s compensation plan works, go to:

Everyone wants to be part of the 7 Trillion Dollar a Year Industry, and many others in the past have been successful, but Global Resorts Network’s membership is so jam packed with value and so under priced, it’s going to break through where others have not been able to because of it’s value and the flexibility of it’s offerings.

One of the first comparisons that many travelers and business owners have made are those who own timeshares. With timeshares, there are huge upfront costs, and timeshares obligate you to just one location for life. With Global Resorts Network, you have total freedom and flexibility to travel anywhere and anytime worldwide without huge upfront costs! And what is staggering most seasoned timeshare owners is that Global Resorts Network does not have maintenance costs or annual dues. There’s just one low price to join.

“You can own 1 Million Timeshares for the Cost of 1 Disney World Vacation!” — Charlie Golick, San Antonio, TX

Other comparisons have been attempted to make with Global Resorts Network and RCI, but RCI is an exchange company for timeshares. First, you need your own timeshare to participate and if you try to trade or rent your timeshare week for a better location, it can be extremely difficult, especially in peak season. And RCI members endure ongoing costs including annual dues and exchange fees. With Global Resorts Network, it’s available to everyone including non timeshare owners. At any given members has access to hundreds of thousands of available weeks.

Global Resorts Network purchases thousands of timeshare weeks in advance, which ensures their members a lifetime of access to some of the most highly sought after destinations in the world, with no blackout dates or restricted weeks. This is key. Global Resorts Network members can also use the customer service to access resorts outside of our registry. (all of this with no annual dues or maintenance fees)

But what has been reaching the eyes and ears of those who know about the value of travel memberships, are the hotweeks. It’s been argued that HOTWEEKS is worth the membership just for the hot weeks. Hotweeks are always available and are always one low price of $298 for the entire week. These are not unwanted weeks during the off season, they include 4 and 5 star resorts, often available in peak season.

Getting access to superior resorts, while at the same time, paying less money than you would normally pay for a hotel or something less desirable, is a benefit you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life. Combining Perpetual Leverage with one of the most prestigious products offered on the planet makes this one of the most lucrative opportunities in history. You may want to jump on this rising star now as it’s going to leave other travel opportunities in it’s dust. Be in the beginning of the beginning, and enjoy all the benefits! and a cutting edge marketing center dedicated to the teaching of the art and science of marketing in today’s highly mutable business environment had brought together a guaranteed recipe for success.
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