(DVD-Rip) Ueto Aya – Kanshou [PV]

Ueto Aya – Kanshou

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Duration : 0:4:50

11 Responses to “(DVD-Rip) Ueto Aya – Kanshou [PV]”

  1. whatleyqmt says:

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  2. Qingzangyou says:

    ??????? ????jmye???
    ??????? ????jmye???

  3. princejmye says:

    @Qingzangyou Your …
    @Qingzangyou Your welcome too! 🙂

  4. Qingzangyou says:

    @princejmye You are …
    @princejmye You are most welcome. I feel appreciated by your kind gratitude.

  5. princejmye says:

    @Qingzangyou thanks …
    @Qingzangyou thanks so much for translating Aya words, its tough since im not Japanese and i really like to understand their words, thanks so much

  6. Qingzangyou says:

    **Last verse**

    **Last verse**
    Calling out my name
    Spending time beyond distant summer
    Who wants to embrace your exceedingly strong affectionate love and warmth **
    Hope viewers will come to appreciate this beautiful song though the theme is kind of sadness.

  7. Qingzangyou says:

    Sometimes ruthless …
    Sometimes ruthless and thinning emotion
    The past was disappearance and squirming, inappropriate manner of speaking lapsed into discord
    Love is such expectation that twice the night calmness, whispers and succeed into jewel
    Tear-stained face immediately becomes smiling face
    Returning memory is wandering in time space
    Could that be you, to come to bury the gaps in your chest
    Yesterday I listened and yet had forgotten your melody
    Tomorrow I shut my eyes and kind of recalling

  8. Qingzangyou says:

    Without such …
    Without such weakness and wounded spirit
    Wiping my tears Stroking my hair Being forced to sleep
    Isn’t that far, Could be you who always live with a smile previously?
    Be caught in the approaching waves that keep returning
    Brilliant backlight at the sea horizon
    Recollecting and getting close to smell the sweet light and shadow
    Now I am like a solitary small bird
    Just about everything I obtain and see are all falsehood
    Sometimes tender hearted self-sacrificing devotion

  9. Qingzangyou says:

    Rough translation …
    Rough translation of song
    Can hear the clearly missed voice
    Get tired out, resting against one corner
    Tears of forgotten expectation ran
    Why has it become so sorrowful?
    Why cry like a small child?
    Calling out my name
    Spending time beyond distant summer
    Who wants to embrace your exceedingly strong affectionate love and warmth
    I had better understand and be acquainted with the facts
    Had dreamt a flawless an beautiful dream
    Shut up the frankness placed in my heart
    **continued-next post

  10. Qingzangyou says:

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    ????? ?????
    ??????? ??????????
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    ?? ?????????????????????
    ?????? ???????????

  11. AveryGrayp says:

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